Bernie 2016

"Wake Up | Spike Lee Endorses Bernie Sanders" +

0:60 ad from Feb. 23, 2015 run in SC.



Spike Lee:  W-a-k-e  u-p.  Wake up South Carolina.  This is your dude Spike Lee.  And I know that you know the system is rigged.

For too long we've given our vote to corporate puppets, sold to [okey dope?]

Ninety nine percent of Americans were hurt by the great rececession of 2008 and many are still recovering, and that's why I'm officially endorsing my brother Bernie Sanders.

Bernie takes no money from corporations, nada.  Which means he is not on the take. 

And when Bernie gets in the White House he will do the right thing.

How can we be sure?

Bernie was at the March on Washington with Dr. King.  He was arrested in Chicago for protesting segregation in public schools.  He fought for wealth and education equality throughout his whole career.  No flipping; no flopping.

Enough talk, time for action. 

Hey Bernie from Brooklyn, talk to the folks.

Sanders:  I'm Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidate for president, and I approve this message.

Male Announcer:  Paid for Bernie 2016, not the billionaires.