Digital Ads—Pre-Primary and Primary (2015-May 2016)

Campaigns and earlier pre-campaign organizations have many online advertising options including search, display, and pre-roll video ads, ads on Facebook, and promoted Tweets.  Groups have various objectives for these paid communications such as persuading or mobilizing voters, driving traffic to their websites, building email lists and fundraising.  The display ads run on political blogs and news sites are easiest to track and are the focus of this section.  These ads can be targeted with considerable specificity.  Blog ads come in different sizes and shapes (leaderboard, big square, half page, rectangle).  Some are animated so that the text and graphic elements come together into the final design, others are animated GIFs which cycle through, and others change when the mouse rolls over them.  A campaign can run the same ad over an extended period of time at the risk of it becoming stale, or it can produce a stream of new designs.  
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General Election (June-Nov. 2016) and earlier: Pre-Campaign 2013-14

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alpha by potential candidate or candidate

leadership matters for america (chris christie) 300x250 blogad



Pataki Paul

Perry Rubio

Walker Trump


Sanders Webb


Independent-Run Warren Run
Independent-Draft Biden 2016
democracy for america (run warren run) jan. 16, 2015 300x250 blogad from concord monitor

Interest Groups
NARAL Pro-Choice America 300x250 blog ad from March 7, 2015

See also:
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