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Right to Rise USA

(page updated October 19, 2015) super PAC filed with the FEC on Jan. 16, 2015
Filed to change name from Right to Rise Super PAC, Inc. to Right to Rise USA on June 12, 2015.

Strategist  Mike Murphy

Senior strategist for Bush's Right to Rise PAC for the six months leading up to Bush's announcement of candidacy.  Bush is a partner in the Revolution Agency, a strategic communications firm and is also working as screenwriter and producer based in Los Angeles.  A founding principal of DC Navigators.  Launched his onwn political consulting firm at the age of 20.  twitter
"Semi-defrocked GOP Political Consultant... Meet the Press Analyst... Senior Fellow at Harvard/JFK Belfer Center... TIME Columnist... Writer/Prod in Hollywood."
Matt Leonardo, owner of the Revolution Agency.  

Ad Maker  Larry McCarthy

Principal at McCarthy Hennings Whalen, Inc. "has created some of the most famous and effective TV ads in political history."  2012 work included ads for the Romney Super PAC (Restore Our Future), American Crossroads, and Americans for Prosperity.  Gained noteriety for producing the Willie Horton ad, an independent expenditure ad run against Michael Dukakis in the Fall 1988 campaign.  Senior vice president of Ailes Communications, 1981-87.  Worked at the NRSC in the 1980 cycle under chairman Sen. Heinz.  Aide to U.S. Sen. John Heinz (PA).  Worked on Sen. Jacob Javits' (NY) 1974 re-election campaign.  Graduate of Georgetown University.  See:
Jane Mayer.  "Attack Dog."  The New Yorker, Feb. 13, 2012.
Kenneth P. Vogel.  "Attack ads' go-to guy."  Politico, Oct. 29, 2010

Senior Advisor  Liesl Hickey

Executive director at the NRCC in the 2014 cycle, from Nov. 2012.  Patriot Program director (incumbent retention) at the NRCC in the 2012 cycle, announced Jan. 13, 2011.  An advisor to the NRSC in 2010.  Joined ONE in March 2007 as senior director of US campaigns, responsible for managing ONE’s 2008 presidential advocacy initiative, ONE Vote 08.  Chief of staff to Rep. Mark Kirk (IL), Aug. 2004-Jan. 2007.  Served as Kirk's campaign manager starting in 2000.  A field consultant for the NRCC.  Finance director for Sen. Peter Fitzgerald's (IL) campaign in 1998.  Graduate of Southern Methodist University.

Communications Director  Paul Lindsay

Communications director at American Crossroads.  Vice president at Powell Tate | Weber Shandwick, March 2013-March 2014.  Communications director at the NRCC in the 2012 cycle (Jan. 2011-Dec. 2012); deputy communications director at the NRCC in the 2010 cycle, starting Jan. 2009.  Regional communications director for Ohio and Pennsylvania on McCain-Palin 2008.  Western regional press secretary at the RNC.  Worked for Rep. Charles Boustany (LA-7) from 2005-07, first as a staff assistant, then as press secretary.  Graduate of James Madison University with a degree in political science, 2004.  twitter

In Line to Be Finance Director for the Super PAC  Mason J. Fink

(reported by the Washington Post's Robert Costa on March 18, 2015 assisting the Right to Rise PAC w/ fundraising strategy for now)  Finance director on Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign.  Worked at Solamere Capital.  Deputy to Spencer Zwick on Romney's 2008 campaign.

Treasurer  Charlie Spies

(from Jan. 2015)  Leads Clark Hill's national political law practice.  Co-founder and counsel to Restore Our Future super PAC in the 2012 cycle.  CFO and counsel on Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential campaign.  General counsel and CFO for the Republican Governors Association in 2005-06.  Election law counsel at the RNC in the 2004 cycle; started at the RNC in 2001.  Legal and policy advisor to FEC chairman Darryl R. Wold.  J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, 1998; B.A. from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1995.

Assistant Treasurer for both the PAC and super PAC  Salvatore Purpura

(from Jan. 2015; already has experience on six presidential campaigns)  Treasurer at, Inc., Aug. 2011-April 2012.  Treasurer of Steven Colbert's super PAC, May-Aug. 2011.  Treasurer on John Boozman's 2010 U.S. Senate campaign.  Director of treasury for Friends of John McCain and for Country First PAC, from Dec. 2008.  Director of treasury for John McCain 2008, McCain-Palin 2008 and the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund, from Nov. 2006.  Treasurer on Carly for California.  Treasurer and comptroller on Bush-Cheney '04.  Comptroller on Jeb Bush for Governor and Bush-Brogan '02, July 2001-March 2003.  National budget director on George W. Bush for President and Bush-Cheney.  Deputy comptroller on Jeb Bush for Governor and Bush-Brogan '98.  States budget manager on Dole-Kemp '96.  Budget and accounts payable manager on Phil Gramm for President, 1995-96.  Legislative staff assistant at the Florida Department of Education, Jan.-May 1995.  Accounting assistant on Jeb Bush for Governor and Bush-Feeney '94, Aug. 1993-May 1994.  B.S. in political science from Florida State University, 1997.

Data Firm  Andy Barkett/Digital Core Campaign

(reported by NYT's Haberman)  Special advisor to the RNC chairman for technology from Jan. 2015 after serving as chief technology officer for the RNC in the 2014 cycle.  Managing partner of Davis Innovators from Aug. 2014; CEO of Getexp, Inc. from Jan. 2011, both in Redwood City, CA.  Engineer at Facebook from Jan. 2011-July 2013.  Senior director of engineering for Livescribe, Sept. 2009-Aug. 2011.  Senior management consultant for Nvidia, 2008-09. Technical program manager at Google, 2006-08. Software engineering manager at OnWafer Technologies (acq. by KLA-Tencor), 2002-06.  M.B.A. in general management from UC Davis, 2009; B.A. in political economy from UC Berkeley, 2002.

Thomas Beaumont and Julie Pace.  "Eyeing general election, Bush team builds data operation."  The Associated Press. Oct. 19, 2015. 
...The campaign had originally planned to have one data vendor serving both it and the Right to Rise USA super PAC.  However, as outlined in this article, the campaign determined that that approach was fraught with possible complications. 

Maggie Haberman  "Jeb Bush's Likely Campaign Starts to Take Shape,"  The New York Times, April 21, 2015.

Alex Isenstadt.  "Jeb Bush's $100M May,"  Politico, May 8, 2015.
...He writes that the super PAC "has been assembling a core staff that is eventually expected to number a little less than a dozen."

logo for Right to Rise Super PAC

Right to Rise Policy Solutions, Inc.

...501(c)(4) formed Feb. 2, 2015.

Bill Simon

(Michael Barbaro of the New York Times reported on Feb. 20, 2015 that Simon "is in charge of assembling Mr. Bush's policy operation")   President and CEO of Wal-Mart U.S. and executive vice president of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. from June 29, 2010 to August 8, 2014; joined Wal-Mart in 2006.  Senior vice president of global business development at Brinker International, Feb. 2005-March 2006.  Headed the Florida Department of Management Services; appoined by Gov. Jeb Bush in 2003.  At Diageo PLC from 1998 starting as vice president of consumer marketing, then president of North American Ready-To-Drink, then president of Diageo Southeast.  Vice president of marketing for Dr. Pepper/Seven Up.  B.A. in economics (1981) and M.B.A. in management and marketing (1988) from University of Connecticut.  Served 25 years in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve, retiring as a Lt. Commander in 2005.

Michael Steel

(reported by the Washington Post on May 12, 2015, expected to join campaign)  Press secretary to Speaker John Boehner, with a leave in Fall 2012 to serve as travelling press secretary to vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan on the Romney for President campaign; earlier at the House Republican Steering Committee.  Press secretary to Rep. Jim McCrery (LA) and director of communications at the House Ways and Means Committee.  Press secretary to Rep. John Shadegg (AZ), 2003-06, and for some of that time also press secretary for the House Republican Policy Committee.  Master's degree in journalism from Columbia University; undergraduate degree from University of North Carolina.  Native of Durham, NC.  twitter

Environment and Energy  Marcus Peacock

(reported by the Washington Post on May 12, 2015)  A visiting scholar at The George Washington University's Regulatory Studies Center from Sept. 2013.  Minority staff director for the U.S. Senate Committee on the Budget, Jan. 2011-June 2012.  Director of Pew Charitable Trusts', May 2009-Dec. 2010.  Deputy administrator at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Aug. 2005-Jan. 2009.  Associate director for natural resource programs at the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, Feb. 2001-Aug. 2005.  Staff director (Jan. 1999-Jan. 2001) and staff member (Jan. 1995-Dec. 1998) for the Oversight and Emergency Response Subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.  Program manager at Jellinek, Schwartz & Connolly, June 1990-Jan. 1995.  Deputy chief of the natural resources branch (March 1989-June 1990) and desk officer (June 1986-March 1989) at the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.  Engineer/bindery supervisor at RR Donnelley printing plant in Los Angeles, CA, 1982-84.  M.P.P. in energy and environment from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, 1986.  B.S in industrial and systems engineering from U.S.C., 1982.

Consultants on Foreign Policy
(reported by the Washington Post 's Ed O'Keefe on April 10, 2015)

Robert S. Karem

Most recently senior policy advisor to  House Majority Leader Kevn McCarthy and previously to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

John Noonan

Most recently spokesman for the House Armed Services Committee.  twitter

Ed O'Keefe and Matea Gold.  "Jeb Bush leans on nonprofit group as he prepares likely presidential run."  The Washington Post, May 12, 2015.
Ed O'Keefe and Matea Gold.  "Group with secret donors will aid Bush on policy."   The Washington Post.  April 1, 2015,

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