John Boehner

"Boehner Supports Cleveland's Bid for the GOP's 2016 Convention" +
  1:43 video filmed May 30, 2014.

Speaker Boehner: Hello and welcome to the great state of Ohio.  As you all know, I'm from Cincinnati, home of the Reds and the Bengals, and as a fan let me just say it's always a great feeling when our teams come home from Cleveland with a win; it's almost as good as winning elections.  So all rivalries aside, I couldn't be more proud to support Cleveland's bid to host the Republican National Convention.  It will provide a great platform to propel our nominee to victory in Ohio and across the country.  Cleveland's a world-class city with great community leaders like the Cleveland Clinic.  Its a city that's truly ready for their moment in the spotlight.  As you know here in Ohio, like the rest of America, its been a tough couple of years.  But thanks to commonsense Republican leadership, we're moving forward.  Jobs are coming to Ohio, cities are being revitalized; our future is bright.  Hosting the convention in Cleveland will not only highlight the progress that can be made with our better solutions, it would also be a great way to mobilize and energize the volunteers needed to win the White House.  So enjoy your visit.  Check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, stop by the Playhouse Square, and if you can, take an afternoon, go out an chase a few walleyes on Lake Erie or play a round of golf on one of the areas great golf courses.  You won't be disappointed.  Here in Ohio, we're proud to be in the heart of it all.  We're also proud of the role we're playing in deciding elections.  Our party's going to have a real opportunity in 2016 and it's all going to start with the Republican National Convention.  I know I speak for all the members of our congressional delegation and our entire statewide Republican team when I say we're looking forward to working with the RNC to make Cleveland a huge success.

Notes: This was produced for the official visit by the Site Selection Committee and RNC delegation June 2-4, 2014 - Cleveland.