Cleveland Host Committee 2016, Inc.

"Why is Cleveland the best city to host the 2016 RNC?" +
1:15 video from March 12, 2014.

[Music] Male Announcer: How do you know if Cleveland is the right choice for the 2016 Republican National Convention?

Well, start with the fact that Cleveland offers easy access for delegates and guests, luxurious accommodations and unforgettable experiences all within a short walk from the convention.

Start thinking about what it would be like to have an impact and leave an impression on a city known for its grit, drive and determination.

Start asking the right questions.

Is this a city that fights for what it believes in, pulls together and gets things done?

In 2012, a 13% voter swing in Cuyahoga County would have turned Ohio red.

No state matters more.  No county matters more.

Start right, start strong, start here.