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Trump, Republicans, Allies and the First Presidential Debate

Sept. 27, 2016 8:38 p.m.


NEW YORK, NY – Less than 24 hours after winning last night’s debate, the Donald J. Trump Campaign (in conjunction with the RNC) has officially brought in a massive fundraising haul of $18 million, signaling momentum of historic proportions.

“As a result of Donald Trump’s huge debate win last night, we had a massive fundraising day bringing in more than $18 million. This is a movement to Make America Great Again. We are grateful for the support of millions of Americans across the country. With this kind of energy and generous support behind us, we are going to have President Donald J. Trump in the White House,” Steven Mnuchin, Finance Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President.

"The National Call Day was a tremendous success. Many donors came on board as Donald J. Trump rolls on to victory," Lew Eisenberg, Finance Chairman, Trump Victory.

Leading Team Trump’s national fundraising push was:

Team YUUUGE: Lew Eisenberg, Cara Mason, Woody Johnson, Carie Bock and Allison Macintosh
Team MAGA: Steven Mnuchin, Elliott Broidy, Ray Washburne, Brandi Marks and Amanda Ober
Team IRREDEEMABLES: Michael Cohen, Anthony Scaramucci and Lindsey Reynolds
Team DEPLORABLES: Roy Bailey, Gentry Beach, Tommy Hicks, Alden Wood, Rachel Kelley and Mallory Hunter
Team Trump Digital Fundraising: Brad Parscale
Team Trump: Governor Mike Pence, Chairman Reince Priebus, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and Eli Miller

The Donald J. Trump for President campaign is a national grassroots movement representing the desire to break up Washington’s rigged system and Make America Great Again.

Sept. 27, 2016 2:01 p.m.


Voters React Positively As Trump Shows His Strength As The Next President Of The United States

Trump 53%
Clinton 47%
Source: TIME

Trump 66%
Clinton 34%
Source: CNBC

Trump 57%
Clinton 43%
Source: Variety

Trump 69%
Clinton 25%
Source: Washington Times

Trump 58%
Clinton 36%
Source: The Hill

Trump 76%
Clinton 24%
Source: Breitbart

Trump 82%
Clinton 18%
Source: Drudge Report

Trump 55%
Clinton 45%
Source: Slate

Trump 65%
Clinton 35%
Source: San Diego Union Tribune

Trump 58%
Clinton 37%
Source: WCPO

Trump 82%
Clinton 18%
Source: Las Vegas Sun
Trump 57%
Clinton 38%

Trump 60%
Clinton 40%
Source: CBS New York

Sept. 27, 2016 12:20 a.m.


“Tonight’s debate was a great victory for Mr. Trump. During the debate, Mr. Trump showed the type of Reagan-esque leadership and vision this nation needs right now. Mr. Trump’s performance was in sharp contrast to Hillary Clinton, who showed as much ignorance to the law as she has with foreign policy.” – Rudy Giuliani, Former New York City Mayor and U.S. Attorney

Sept. 27, 2016 12:05 a.m.


“This debate showcased Donald Trump’s clear vision for America, while Hillary Clinton proved that she is completely disqualified from serving as our next commander-in-chief. Americans are seeking a new direction after eight years of President Obama’s failures, but all we heard from her was more of the same stale pandering and falsehoods we’ve heard for decades. A Donald Trump presidency will create millions of family-sustaining jobs for all communities, stand up to the threats of radical Islamic terrorism, and reclaim the American Dream for all Americans.” - Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA)

11:46 p.m.
Contact: Cory Custer         

New Hampshire Leaders React to Donald Trump’s Debate Victory

Manchester, NH – Today the New Hampshire Trump-Pence campaign released the following statements of New Hampshire leaders reacting to Donald Trump’s victory in tonight’s first Presidential Debate held at Hofstra University in New York.
“By showing a clear vision for America and serious leadership, Donald Trump clearly won tonight’s debate. While Hillary Clinton further proved how out of touch she is with the American people, Donald Trump offered real policy solutions that will get our economy out of a ditch and show toughness in the fight against terrorism. Americans looking for a proven leader to change course from the failed status quo know Donald Trump is the only choice to become our next president.” – Congressman Frank Guinta
“It’s no surprise that Donald Trump is the undisputed winner of tonight’s debate. Hillary Clinton has spent her career lying to the American people, and tonight was more of the same maneuvering to defend her double standards and dishonesty which have no place in the White House. Donald Trump is leveling with the American people about the situation our country is in, and he is the only candidate in this race whose policies will keep America prosperous, safe, and free.” – Former US Senator Bob Smith

11:36 p.m.


“Donald Trump represents change and tonight we saw him successfully take on the Obama-Clinton status quo. The corrupt Clinton machine was no match for the original, authentic approach laid out by Donald Trump, which will put hard-working Americans first and make our country great again.” - Congressman Bill Johnson (R-OH)

11:15 p.m.


“Tonight, Georgians and the American people saw a clear choice in this election: an outsider and businessman who is committed to restoring American greatness, or a dishonest career politician who will double down on President Obama's failed policies. Donald Trump has a bold vision for American prosperity that will produce jobs, grow our economy, roll back harmful regulations, secure our borders, and ensure our national security. Hillary Clinton only offers more of the same failed policies that have hurt our country for the past seven years. If we want different results from Washington, we have to put a different person in the White House. The time is now to elect Donald Trump as our next president so that every citizen can fully achieve the American Dream.” - Senator David Perdue (R-GA)

11:00 p.m.


“Tonight, Hillary Clinton once again reminded voters that she is dishonest and unfit for leadership. Voters know that while she is controlled by special interests in Washington, Donald Trump is a fresh new leader who will upend the status quo and put the American people first. As always, Donald Trump spoke from the heart during tonight’s debate and showed us the type of president he will be – a strong leader with serious plans to create millions of new jobs, confront radical Islamic terror, and take care of our nation’s veterans.” – Governor Terry Branstad (R-IA)

Republican National Committee

RNC Statement On The First Presidential Debate

WASHINGTON -- Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on the first presidential debate:

"While Donald Trump won tonight’s debate by being the candidate of true change in Washington, Hillary Clinton spent the night championing a broken system which has let the American people down time and again. Living up to her reputation as dishonest and untrustworthy, she revealed just how willing she is to put her own ambition above being truthful with the American people. Whether it was evading her flip-flops on TPP, misleading about an uptick in crime, or refusing to answer for her multiple botched foreign policy decisions, Hillary Clinton could not shed her trademark dishonesty and level with the public. Donald Trump showed he is the only candidate in this race with the ideas to stimulate our economy, defeat radical Islamic terrorism, and keep our streets safe in every community. The American people deserve better than a dishonest career Washington politician defending a failed status quo, and Donald Trump showed tonight he is the only candidate with the big picture leadership our country needs.”


Republican National Committee

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Sean Spicer, RNC Chief Strategist and Communications Director @seanspicer
RE: Will Clinton Meet Expectations In The First Debate?
DATE: September 22, 2016

Election Day is now less than fifty days away, and with national polling reflecting a surge of momentum for Donald Trump, the pressure is squarely on Hillary Clinton to live up to her reputation as a talented debater at a time when millions of undecided voters will be glued to their screens.
For Clinton, high expectations stem from ample experience. Clinton is a career politician who has spent years sharpening her debate reflexes and beefing up on public policy. Donald Trump is new to the format. Aside from the primary debates (which have lower levels of attention focused on them and many more participants), Trump’s lack of formal, political, one-on-one debate experience gives Clinton a significant advantage.
This view is informed in large part due to Clinton’s adroit performances in past debates. Clinton’s been at it since she’s been on the debate team in high school, and she has shined on some of the biggest stages before. In 2008, in the thick of the Democrat primary, Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod admitted Clinton had “a very strong debate performance” against then-Senator Obama. In 2016, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley was frustrated by the fact Clinton did not make a single “significant mistake” during the five times they were on stage together. She knows how to debate, and by all accounts, she is a methodical and intense consumer of information in her preparations beforehand. 
Just ask her campaign. Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon described Clinton’s approach in seeing the debate stage as a “proving ground.” Chief Strategist Joel Benenson echoed Fallon by declaring of Trump, “I don’t think he can go toe to toe with her,” and speculated Clinton “will come out on top.” Not to be outdone, Clinton surrogate Ed Rendell said she held her own on many occasions in 2008 against Obama, who he called “probably the greatest debater in public speaking, in politics, in our lifetime.”
The optimism in the Clinton camp is shared in the media as well, where there is almost unanimous agreement Clinton is an adept debater. Dana Bash, Chris Matthews, and Chris Hayes note how “seasoned”  she is, and more pundits than we can count (including John Heilemann, Wolf Blitzer, and Mark Shields) laud her talent, experience and debate skills.
Trump hasn’t been running for president for 24 years, he’s spent his career as a successful businessman. Few are expecting the same level of polish from a verbal gunslinger whose rhetorical strength is speaking to the heart – and the gut – of the American people.
Aside from the Super Bowl, the first debate has very high potential to be the most watched television event of the year. With so much riding on this moment and a wealth of experience working in her favor, Hillary Clinton has no excuse not to turn in a near-flawless performance.


Trump Make America Great Again Committee
September 18, 2016 email
from under Trump Pence campaign logo


In 8 days, I get the honor of fighting for you in the first presidential debate against Crooked Hillary Clinton.

To prepare for the BIGGEST night of our campaign, I’m turning to the very people who have humbled me and gotten me to where I am today...YOU.

As your champion, I need to know what you want me to fight for on that stage. I want you to be confident that I defend the issues you care about. I want to make you proud, Friend.

Which is why I’m asking you to take the TRUMP Debate Preparation Survey now. >>

I asked my campaign manager, Kellyanne, to commission this survey to our strongest supporters — the people who will be the reason we WIN this debate against Hillary Clinton.

Friend, this debate isn’t even about me. I’m only going on stage to be your voice. This debate is a fight between the American people and the political machine that Crooked Hillary represents.

We get the chance to compare — side-by-side — our vision of a freer, safer, and more prosperous America with Hillary’s promise to bring four more years of Obama’s failures.

I want your honest input. If you disagree with something, tell me you disagree. Look, I never made it in business surrounding myself with people who tell me what I want to hear. Our campaign is about telling it like it is — and that’s not changing. Not now. Not ever.

With the debate coming up FAST, I’ll need your input IMMEDIATELY.

Please take the TRUMP Debate Preparation Survey now. >>

Thank you,

links to 30-question survey:
Paid for by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee.