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December 14, 2015

For Immediate Release: Monday, December 14, 2015
Contact: Tom Leffler

Iowa Peace Group Endorses O’Malley for President

Des Moines, Iowa -- STAR*PAC, Iowa’s Stop the Arms Race Political Action Committee, today announced its endorsement of Martin O’Malley for the Democratic Party nomination for President. STAR*PAC’s Central Committee voted unanimously to endorse Governor O’Malley for new foreign policy leadership.
“Martin O’Malley will bring the new leadership our country needs to wage peace in the world as well as here at home,” said STAR*PAC chairperson Tom Leffler. “We urge citizens to attend Democratic Party caucuses Feb. 1 and caucus for Martin O’Malley. “
Leffler said STAR*PAC selected Martin O’Malley for his effective record as Governor of Maryland, and for his advocacy of fresh thinking and a new approach on foreign policy.
“O’Malley supports the means of waging peace that STAR*PAC stands for,” Leffler said. “Governor O’Malley knows the peril of beating the drums of war, and would adopt a more far-seeing foreign policy approach to peacefully elevate America’s strength at home and abroad.”
The STAR*PAC Central Committee cited two other human value positions O’Malley effectively pursued in Maryland: eliminating the death penalty, and advocating a balanced but effective approach to deal with gun violence.
“Governor O’Malley recognizes that corporate special influence on Congress results in exorbitant military spending on unnecessary weapons,” Leffler said. “He was one of the first to recognize the multifaceted causes of forced migrations and advocate humane treatment and policies for refugees. And O’Malley most loudly and consistently decries the voices who use demagogy and racism in political campaigning.”
The STAR*PAC Central Committee also voted unanimously not to endorse any candidate for the Republican Party nomination for President.
“While we agree with a few of the Republican Presidential candidates on a few of their positions, on balance, none of them measures up on war and peace issues,” said Leffler. “In contrast, all the Democratic candidates are worthy of consideration. However, Secretary Clinton was not forthcoming with answers to STAR*PAC’s Key Questions on foreign policy; and Senator Sanders has not tended to run on foreign policy topics important to STAR*PAC.”
More background and information:
The STAR*PAC Central Committee voted unanimously to endorse O’Malley at its December 3 meeting. The decision was based on candidates’ positions provided at events in Iowa, in web sites and materials, and their answers to STAR*PAC’s 15 “Key Questions.”
Over twenty candidates, both Democrat and Republican, were formally invited to participate in public forums, and asked to answer the questions in writing. Only O’Malley and Bernie Sanders answered the questionnaire. [See their complete answers at www.starpac.org.]
STAR*PAC’S “Key Questions” pertain to three main subjects: seeking peace in the Middle East, controlling the military industrial complex, and providing humane treatment of migrants here and around the world.
STAR*PAC supports diplomacy, negotiation, sustainable development aid, and other non-violent efforts to overcome oppression as the best means of achieving peace. STAR*PAC opposes most military actions. STAR*PAC agrees with many other organizations that challenge the public policy influence of corporations and big money interests, including influence on military spending, weapons proliferation and war making.
STAR*PAC recognizes that worldwide forced migrations are greater now than at any time since World War II. STAR*PAC considers humane treatment of refugees as a basic value, as well as an effective way to reduce tensions in the world that produce terrorism. STAR*PAC also advocates addressing the underlying drivers of violence, such as economic and religious oppression, armed conflicts and climate change.
STAR*PAC is non-partisan and previously supported Republican Jim Leach for Congress.