Interest Groups - Examples of Activity

Inclusion of press releases/material in this section does not imply support of those groups' views.  Thus far a fair bit of the activity in the general election is directed at countering Trump.

updated July 2017  suggestions welcome and encouraged  action 08 @ gmail

General Election
U.S. Office of Special Counsel: Report of Hatch Act Investigation: Facilitating Labor Union's Political Activity Through Use of 'Union Official' Leave Without Pay"  (07/14/17) [PDF]

Center for Community Change Action: Preliminary Report - 2016 Immigrant and Latino Voter Project Field Program (12/16) [PDF]

In Final Weekend, Canvassing Tens of Thousands of Voters, Running Ads, Busing Hundreds of Volunteers into Swing States to Turn Out Progressive Voters to Elect Hillary Clinton and Democratic Senate Candidates in 8 States (11/05/16)

SEIU Makes Final GOTV Push for Clinton with Massive Canvass in Battleground States (11/03/16)

ACLJ Files Federal Lawsuit Against Obama Justice Department To Unearth Information About The Meeting Between Attorney General Lynch And Former President Clinton On Airport Tarmac In June (11/02/16)

Faith & Freedom Coalition Volunteers Visit One Million Homes (10/31/16)

NEA launches GOTV blitz targeting most sought-out voter of 2016 election (10/28/16)

AFL-CIO Begins Final Phase of 2016 Campaign (10/27/16)

Project Veritas Action Fund FEC complaint charging illegal coordinated expenditures by Democracy Partners, AUFC and others and related press releases (10/18-10/24/16)

Open Letter to the Next President of the United States from over 30 leaders of international health organizations (10/19/16)

Family Research Council Action To Distribute Nearly 4 million Voter Guides, Ask Churches to Show Video Comparing Party Platforms (10/14/16)

Faith & Freedom Coalition: Voter Guide (10/16)

Vote to End Hunger: Groups Release New Statements by Clinton, Trump on Hunger and Poverty (10/05/16) An Open Letter Regarding Climate Change From Concerned Members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (09/20/16) U.S. Presidential Candidates Answer ScienceDebate 2016 Questions (09/13/16)

Concord Coalition Urges Clinton, Trump to Explain How They Would Put Federal Budget on a More Responsible Course (09/09/16)

PFAW Launches "Trumpublicans" Campaign (08/24 and 08/25/16)

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA): Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump join First-Ever Commander-in-Chief Forum (08/1816)

Planned Parenthood Action Fund Connects with Voters in Swing States (08/15/16)

Direct Action Everywhere: Animal Rights Activists Interrupt Clinton Rally, Unfurl “Get Big Ag Out of Politics” Banner, Criticize Ties to Ag (08/10/16)

FrackFeed and North Texans for Natural Gas: Fracking Enters U.S. Presidential Race as an Independent (08/01/16)

Center for American Progress Action Fund: National Security Leadership Alliance Launches to Promote Progressive Security Vision, Fight Trump’s Recklessness (06/30/16)

Amnesty International USA Launches Campaign with Powerful Video on Torture (06/24/16)

ADL Forms Task Force to Address Anti-Semitic and Racist Harassment of Journalists on Social Media (06/01/16)

FAIR: Trump Weighs Idea of Giuliani Heading Immigration Commission; FAIR says Participants Must Represent American Interests (05/12/16)

America's Voices: As Donald Trump Visits Capitol Hill, Groups Deliver Taco Bowls to Members of Congress Who Stand With Trump (05/12/16)

Primary Season
As Pennsylvania Voting Nears, Concord Coalition Co-Chairs Remind 2016 Candidates: 'The Debt Is Your Running Mate' (04/20/16)

Vets for a Strong America Announces "The Difference it Makes Bus Tour" (03/31/16)

Greenpeace Urges Clinton to Reject Fossil Fuel Money With Message in Seattle Sky (03/26/16)

GOPAC joins call for Republican presidential candidates to support restoring balance of power. (03/09/16)

YMCA of the USA: Zoe For President: New Candidate Announces Her Run for Commander in Chief In 2064 (02/25/16)

First Budget: Highlights (02/11/16)

Activities Looking Towards 2016
Greenpeace: More Than 20 Organizations Ask Presidential Candidates to Sign a “Fix Democracy” Pledge (01/11/16)

RespectAbility: Voters with Disablilities Key to Campaign 2016 (01/05/16)

The Concord Coalition: New Paper Urges Presidential Candidates to Focus on Debt and Fiscally Responsible Proposals (11/18/15)

AARP Launches Accountability Effort for Presidential Candidates (11/03/15)

Fair Immigration Reform Movement: Immigrant Rights Advocates Including New Orleans Fasters, Delivered Petition to RNC Headquarters Calling for Hatred and Bigotry to End (10/27/15)

Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease: 130 Million Americans with Chronic Disease Cost More Than $2.5 Trillion Annually (10/13/15)

Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease: Presidential Hopefuls Must Address Leading Cause of Death in U.S. (10/07/15)

Campaign for America's Future: Key Progressive Organization to Release Ratings of Democratic Candidates Ahead of First Debate (10/06/15)

U.S. Conference of Mayors: The Nation's Mayors Urge a Focus on Metro Priorities for Presidential Candidates and Congress (10/04/15)

CCRKBA: Gun Rights Group Thanks Hillary Clinton for Energizing Gun Owners (09/28/15)

RespectAbility USA: Disability Organizations Band Together to Create One-on-One Presidential Town Hall Meetings on Disability Issues (09/17/15)

Hazelden Betty Ford Institute for Recovery Advocacy applauds growing prominence of addiction issues in presidential campaigns (09/02/15)

National Association of Counties: Counties Connect America: Strengthening a Nation Together (08/26/15)

Priorities USA and EMILY’s List ‘Madam President’ Campaign Announce Partnership to Mobilize Women Voters (08/17/15)

AFL-CIO Executive Council Solidifies Raising Wages Agenda with 2016 Candidates (07/30/15)

Bend the Arc Jewish Action: A Challenge to Fox News: Make Voting Rights a Priority at First GOP Presidential Debate (07/24/15)

Democracy 21 Joins with Reform Groups in Releasing Reform Agenda for 2016 Candidates (07/23/15)

No Labels Leaders and Citizens Descend on Capitol Hill to Tout National Strategic Agenda as Priority Issue in 2016 Election (06/17/15)

National Education Association: NEA President Lily Eskelsen García meets with Secretary Hillary Clinton (06//08/15)

ScienceDebate: a 501c3 nonpartisan, nonprofit working to persuade political candidates of the vital importance of science in modern life and to attend live Science Debates (ongoing)

Americans for Peace Prosperity and Security: Mike Rogers Announces APPS National Advisory Board (05/04/15)

AFL-CIO: Richard L. Trumka - On Raising Wages as the Standard for 2016 Presidential Candidates (04/28/15)

Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge (04/24/15 and on)

Club for Growth Launches 2016 Presidential White Papers (04/16/15)

NextGen Climate Launches the Hot Seat (04/06/15)

Americans United for Separation of Church and State: As 2016 Presidential Campaign Gets Under Way, IRS Should Act To Enforce Non-Profit ‘No-Politicking’ Rule, Says Americans United (03/2615)

National League of Cities: 17 City Officials Named to 2016 Presidential Election Task Force (03/08/15)

Human Rights Campaign: As Some Candidates Try to Duck, HRC Unveils Website Highlighting GOP Candidates’ Record (02/2515)

Rights Equal Rights: Meghan McCain, Gregory Angelo & Fred Karger Sign Resolution at Washington University College Republican Panel (02/04/15)

Concord Coalition and Fix the Debt Team Up To Highlight Fiscal Issues in 2016 (01/22/15)

Circle of Protection: Christian Leaders Challenge Presidential Candidates to Focus on Ending Hunger, Poverty (01/15/15)

MoveOn Kicks Off Member Vote on Campaign to Encourage Elizabeth Warren to Run for President (12/09/14) [main]

American Friends Service Committee: "Governing Under the Influence" (09/14)

Freedom to Marry: Young Conservatives Launch $1 Million Effort to Reform 2016 GOP Platform on Marriage (04/16/14) More Tea Party Groups Unite in Joint Statement, Take a Stand on the 2016 Presidential Election (03/31/14)

Priorities USA Action Announces New Leadership (01/23/14)

Stop Hillary PAC files complaint with FEC requesting an investigation into Clinton's authorization of her list by the Ready for Hillary PAC (01/22/14) [PDF]

Priorities USA Action Announces Key Leadership Appointments (01/10/14)

American Bridge Announces Senior Hires for "Correct the Record" (11/01/13)

American Principles in Action releases "Building a Winning GOP Coalition: The Lessons of 2012," an analysis of the 2012 election (10/13)

Stop Hillary PAC Announces the Addition of Premier Consultants and Fundraisers (08/02/13)

EMILY’s List Launches the Madam President Campaign (05/02/13)

Iowa >
STAR*PAC: Iowa Peace Group Endorses O'Malley for President (12/14/15)

The FAMiLY LEADER chooses to remain a standard bearer (12/10/15)

ACT Teams Up with Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (IAICU) for Series of Presidential Candidate Forums (11/19/15)

Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease: Iowa Partnership will Highlight Chronic Disease during Presidential Campaign (10/08/15)

AFSCME to Host Iowa Presidential Town Halls (08/2715)

Iowa Arts Advocacy Caucus seeks to empower Iowa arts advocates (08/12/15)

Iowa Leaders Invite Presidential Contenders to #UniteIowa Forum on Immigration (08/11/15)

Save the Children Action Network: Paid Media and Door-to-Door Voter Engagement Campaign Launches in Iowa (08/0515)

AFL-CIO: Iowa Working Family Summit on Raising Wages to Set Standard for 2016 (05/16,/15)

Progressive Change Campaign Committee: Presidential Candidates Must Campaign on Big, Bold, Economic-Populist Ideas (03/24/15)

Americans for Peace Prosperity and Security: Mike Rogers Launches APPS and Announces Iowa Leadership (02/05/15)

DREAM Action Coalition: Governor Rick Perry and Chris Christie Interrupted by Dreamers in Steve King’s Freedom Summit Event (01/24/15)

America's Renewable Future: Branstad Announces Major Bipartisan Iowa Caucus Campaign for Renewable Fuel Standard (01/22/15) Political Action: Run Warren Run Effort Announces New Iowa Field Team, Opening of Des Moines Campaign Office (01/15/15)

The FAMiLY LEADER Foundation Announces Its Calendar of Events for 2015 (01/07/15)

MoveOn Ramps Up ‘Run Warren Run’ Effort With Iowa Kick-Off (12/17/14)

DREAM Action Coalition: Reverend Questions VP Joe Biden on Immigration Delay (09/1814)

DREAM Action Coalition: Iowa Dreamers Confront Hilary [sic] Clinton on Immigration Delay in Iowa Steak Fry (09/14/14 and 09/15/14)

American Friends Service Committe-Iowa: Governing Under the Influence Informational leafleting and banners display outside Harkin steak fry (09/14/14)

Freedom to Marry: GOP Strategist Margaret Hoover Headlines Marriage Tour Through Iowa (08/05/14)

DREAM Action Coalition: Dreamers Confront Rep. Steve King & Sen. Rand Paul in Iowa Fundraiser on Vote to Kill DACA (08/04/14)

Food & Water Watch protesters challenge Gov. Martin O'Malley on factory farms (06/21/14)

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association: Renewable Fuels, Ag Leaders Urge Vice President Biden to Stand Strong in Support of RFS (05/15/14)

Full Page Ad from Asks Senator Ted Cruz to Explain His Opposition to Biofuels to Iowans (03/1814)

New Hampshire >
National Wildlife Federation "Moosing" Presidential Hopefuls in New Hampshire (01/26/16)

No Labels Unveils Presidential Candidates Making Problem Solver Promise (01/05/16...event 01/11/16)

Addiction Policy Forum: New Hampshire Forum on Addiction and the Heroin Epidemic (01/05/16)

Every Child Matters: Each Presidential Candidate has been invited to a Candidate Forum... (10/23/15 email)

603 Alliance: Grassroots Presidential Selection Caucus at Hopkinton Fairgrounds, New Hampshire on October 17, 2015

J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families: New Hampshire Housing Summit (10/16/15)

First Budget: You are invited to Oct 9 Kickoff of Fiscal Fridays Featuring Ohio Gov. John Kasich

No Labels and The Hill Announce Schedule for Presidential Candidates Addressing First Ever New Hampshire Problem Solver Convention (10/06/15)

American Federation for Children: "2015 New Hampshire Education Summit" Announced (07/13/15...event 08/19/15)

Americans for Peace Prosperity and Security: Mike Rogers Launches NH Chapter of APPS and Announces Advisory Board (03/26/15)

Progressive Change Campaign Committee: Presidential Candidates Must Campaign on Big, Bold, Economic-Populist Ideas (03/24/15)

603 Alliance, CBL-NH: New Hampshire Activists Launch Two New Initiatives on April 19 (03/19/15)

Democracy for America, MoveOn kick off New Hampshire ‘Run Warren Run’ effort in Manchester (01/17/15)

New Hampshire Rebellion Launches Four Marches Across New Hampshire to End Political Corruption (12/15/14)

Freedom to Marry: Conservatives Launch Tour to Remove Anti-Gay Language from National GOP Platform (06/04/14)

Lawrence Lessig's New Hampshire Rebellion to raise question 'How will YOU end this system of corruption in Washington?' (01/14)

South Carolina >
Americans for Peace Prosperity and Security: APPS Announces South Carolina Chapter, Advisory Board (05/20/15)

Freedom to Marry: Conservatives Visit SC in National Tour to Remove Anti-Gay Language from GOP Platform (12/03/14)

United We Dream: UWD Confronts, Interrupts Sen. Marco Rubio in South Carolina, Calls Him Out for Recent Attacks on DACA (08/25/14)

Nevada >
Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease: PFCD Nevada Calls on Presidential Candidates to Address Chronic Disease as a Major Health Issue Facing Nevada Residents (10/06/15)

Freedom to Marry: Conservatives Visit Nevada in Campaign to Remove Anti-Gay Language From GOP Platform (09/16/14)

Internal Revenue Service Controversies 2013-14
Freedom from Religion Foundation lawsuit against IRS on failure to enforce restrictions on electioneering, filed on Nov 14, 2012 dismissed  (08/01/14)

Democracy 21/The Campaign Legal Center: Watchdog Groups Again Call on IRS to Deny Crossroads GPS Tax-Exempt Status as 501(c)(4) Group (05/06/14)

The Campaign Legal Center/Public Citizen: Groups Sue FEC, Call on Federal Court to Overturn Dismissal of Complaint Against Crossroads GPS (01/31/14)

Treasury, IRS Will Issue Proposed Guidance For Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Organizations (11/26/13)

ACLJ Files Federal Lawsuit Against IRS on Behalf of 25 Tea Party Groups (05/29/13)