Lessig Seeks to Inject Question of Influence of Money in Politics
in the 2016 New Hampshire Primary Campaign

Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig is seeking to inject the question of the influence of money in politics in the 2016 New Hampshire primary campaign.  He is calling his effort New Hampshire Rebellion; he is starting his crusade rather early, beginning with a walk across New Hampshire, 185 miles from Dixville Notch to Nashua, from Jan. 10-24, 2014.  According to the NHRebellion.org website,

"Along the way, we will recruit citizens in New Hampshire to do one critical thing: to help us guarantee that at every presidential event between now and the 2016 primary, every candidate gets asked at least this one question: 'How will YOU end this system of corruption in Washington?'”

Lessig envisages that this will be the first of three walks before the New Hampshire primary.  The walk is inspired in party by Doris Haddock's ("Granny D") 1999 walk across the United States to raise the issue of campaign finance reform.


During the 2016 Presidential Primary, the NHRebellion will ensure that all Presidential candidates talk about the issue of corruption wherever they go.

During the 2012 Presidential election voters named the issue of corruption as the second most important issue to them. Yet, none of the Presidential debates or candidates addressed this critically important issue to voters.

The NHRebellion will change this. At every stop during the NH primary campaign trail for all Presidential candidates a NH voter will be asking the candidates how they plan to address this critically important question given the level of polarization and dysfunction that has taken over Congress and how these candidates plan on addressing this issue once elected.

The first nhrebellion informational event will be held on October 23rd at 6:00 PM at the offices of Sheehan Phinney at 1000 Elm Street in Manchester. (17th floor)