Monday, April 6, 2015
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New War Room Will Hold Republican Presidential Candidates Accountable for Their Climate Change Denial

SAN FRANCISCO—NextGen Climate today announced the launch of the Hot Seat—a war room that will track Koch brothers-backed presidential candidates, put them in the Hot Seat for their science denial and press them on their plans to address climate change for the next generation. Based in NextGen Climate's San Francisco headquarters with satellite offices in D.C. and key states, the Hot Seat will turn candidates' climate change denial into a liability with the voters and force these candidates to answer to the American people. From Iowa to New Hampshire, we'll be ready to strike when Republicans deny basic science and refuse to show meaningful climate leadership for our country and our kids.
As the presidential race heats up, the Hot Seat will urge Republican presidential hopefuls to acknowledge the threat of climate change and identify the important steps we must take to combat this threat head-on. NextGen Climate will engage voters in key states on the need for climate action and the benefits of clean energy solutions that create jobs, strengthen our economy and protect our communities.
To read NextGen Climate’s Hot Seat Strategy memo, click here.
Watch NextGen Climate’s new video “The Price of Denial” highlighting the importance of holding Republican presidential candidates accountable:  
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Be on the lookout for the first strike from NextGen Climate’s Hot Seat war room tomorrow as Rand Paul launches his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. 
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NextGen Climate
NextGen Climate is focused on bringing climate change to the forefront of American politics. Founded by investor and philanthropist Tom Steyer in 2013, NextGen Climate acts politically to prevent climate disaster and preserve American prosperity.


The Kochs: A Toxic Issue with Voters
Building on lessons learned and best practices developed during the 2014 cycle, NGC will deploy data-driven tactics to hold Republican presidential candidates accountable. NGC will expose the nexus between the nearly one billion dollars the Koch network plans to spend and the anti-science positions taken by Republican presidential candidates.

The Koch brothers have emerged as a serious liability for politicians who align themselves with these powerful special interests—making their political influence a critical wedge issue that moves the dial with swing voters and enrages the young voters needed by the GOP to take back the White House.

By following the money trail between the Koch brothers’ unprecedented campaign spending and the specific, local harm that their companies and anti-science policies have inflicted on specific communities, NGC will persuade swing voters and drive key demographic cohorts to the polls.

NextGen Climate will shine a spotlight on this issue by communicating a candidate’s position and connection to the Koch brothers, including specific in state issues. NextGen Climate deployed this tactic in New Hampshire and Michigan in 2014 and injected this issue into the debate through a variety of tactics.

The Koch brothers’ network has pledged to spend nearly one billion dollars this cycle helping politicians who are willing to ignore the science and bury their heads in the sand.

But Americans are fighting back and putting these politicians in the Hot Seat. We know—and the polling shows—that the willingness of Republican presidential hopefuls to deny basic science and support the Kochs’ economic selfinterest undermines their credibility. For voters, it’s a question of trust.

 Beginning today, Republican presidential hopefuls are on notice—the Hot Seat is up-and-running—and we’re paying attention.

Quarterbacked by Paul Neaville, the Hot Seat will have an aggressive social media presence, engage and organize NGC’s Climate Action Voters to hold candidates accountable—in fact, we’ve already unveiled a new video exposing the absurdity of climate change denial just in time for April Fools’ Day.

Tomorrow we’ll be on the ground in Louisville, Kentucky to put Rand Paul in the Hot Seat as he launches his presidential campaign.

Stay tuned for our upcoming disruptive activities the campaign trail, including during Marco Rubio’s campaign launch in Miami, Scott Walker’s campaign stops, the New Hampshire cattle call and Ted Cruz’s upcoming visit to Iowa—there is more to come!

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Paul Neaville - Partner at The Markham Group since Feb. 2004.  Campaign manager on Rod Smith for Governor, 2005-06.  Southern political director on Wesley Clark for President, Sept. 2003-Feb. 2004.  Deputy campaign manager on Musgrove for Governor, 2003.  National advance staff on Gore 2000,  M.P.A. from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, 2002; Undergraduate degree from University of Arkansas, 2000.