603 Alliance

Grassroots Presidential Selection Caucus
Hopkinton Fairgrounds, New Hampshire
Saturday, October 17, 2015


•    All nationally-recognized Republican Presidential Candidates will be included in the Caucus.
•    Participants must be registered New Hampshire Republicans or Undeclared voters.
•    Voters are required to show a government-issued, photo ID as proof.
•    If voters are new to N.H. and recently registered to vote, they must bring proof of registration to check-in (this can be obtained from your Town Clerk).
•    Voters are requested to continue to participate in the caucus process until its completion.
•    Voter check-in stations open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 11:30.  Anyone on line at 11:30 will be permitted to continue with check-in and participate in the caucus.
•    Non-voters may enter the arena as observers, but will be asked to stay in a designated area.  ONLY valid voters, wearing official ID bracelets issued at check-in, will be permitted in the voting sections.
•    Children are welcome to attend as observers.   Children under age 15 may stay with their parents or guardians in the voting area (but may not vote).
•    Media and Campaign Staffers must be credentialed at the check-in station before entering the arena.
•    Candidate signs are permitted in the arena.   However, if a candidate has been eliminated, then those signs must be removed.
•    The decision of the Marshals and the Voting Monitors is final.
•    Civility and courtesy is asked of all participants.  Voters must adhere to the rules stated by the Monitor.  Those not complying with proper conduct will be asked to leave.
•    In the case of a tie, a caucus session will be held and another vote taken.
•    In the event the winner of the caucus drops out of the race before the Primary Election on February 9, the runner-up will be considered the new winner of the caucus.


7:00 a.m.  Gate Opens to Fairgrounds
8:00  Candidates’ Rallies / Vendors Open / Exhibit Stations Open (outside arena)
10:00  Doors Open to Arena – Voter Check-in Begins
10:15  Entertainment Begins
10:45  Guest Speakers on Main Stage
11:15  Caucus Ground Rules explained
11:25  Marshals call voters to stations
11:30  Voter Check-in Station Closes
11:30  Review of Candidates
Those present will be given 2 minutes to address attendees
Those not present – 1 minute videos
11:40+  First Vote taken


•    When signal is given, Marshals will do a count-off of voters in each section and report counts to monitors.  Monitors will announce 2 lowest counts and these 2 will be eliminated.  Any candidates with fewer than 25 supporters will be eliminated during the first round of voting.
•    A Caucus Session will be held between votes to allow voters whose candidates have been eliminated to assimilate into other groups, 10-20 minutes for session, as needed.
•    Voting rounds to continue, eliminating 2 per round, until down to 4 remaining.
•    Each of the 4 remaining candidates to speak, if present.  (Surrogates permitted.)
•    Rounds of voting continue again, but only eliminating one per round, until final vote, with one remaining.

At end of voting process:   WINNER DECLARED.  Winner to address assembly, if present. Estimated time around 2:30, but may be earlier or later.

Cruz for President
October 17, 2015

Cruz Wins 603 Alliance Selection Caucus

The Group Represents Broad Conservative Coalition Supporting Cruz

Contoocook, NH - Presidential candidate Ted Cruz won the 603 Alliance Selection Caucus today, receiving a whopping 72.3% of the vote. The 603 Alliance is New Hampshire's largest gathering of conservative activists, comprised of a broad coalition of Tea Party, Liberty, faith-based, and Republican women groups from all over the state.
The 603 Alliance grew out of conservatives’ concern that various factions were splitting the conservative vote and allowing establishment moderates to win in New Hampshire. Determined to give the conservative coalition a stronger voice, the 603 Alliance decided to coalesce behind and endorse one conservative candidate.  Today’s lopsided vote clearly shows that New Hampshire conservatives overwhelmingly support Ted Cruz. 
"I am inspired by the number of New Hampshire conservatives who believe that our campaign can win," said Cruz.  "Working together, we can win the Granite State, beat the establishment, and take on the Washington Cartel."
By winning the 603 Alliance Straw Poll, Ted Cruz has earned the support of a broad spectrum of conservatives who agree that he is the best candidate to beat the Democrat nominee in November 2016.