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Fracking Enters U.S. Presidential Race as an Independent

Proven candidate launches bid for highest office in land, provides attractive alternative for Americans dissatisfied with current choices.

Her platform includes jobs, pocketbook savings, energy security, environmental benefits and funding for local services.

This campaign is fully supported by FrackFeed and North Texans for Natural Gas.

DALLAS, Aug. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, in a dramatic announcement, Fracking launched an independent bid for the presidency.

The announcement was made in a 60 second ad on social media. Americans across the country viewed the video on mobile devices and computers – all made possible by the candidate's work.

Fracking – who was born near Hugoton, Kan., in 1947 – has been praised by politicians on both sides of the aisle. Her entrance into the tumultuous presidential race provides an attractive alternative for Americans dissatisfied with current choices.

The candidate's campaign theme, Powering the People, embodies her proven record – and future agenda – of creating jobs, lowering consumer prices, strengthening energy security, reducing air pollution, and providing funding for critical public services. 

"In 2016, America doesn't just need a leader who can reenergize our country, but one who has a record of actually doing so," said Fracking. "For nearly 70 years, I have been giving power to the people in states all across the country, from Pennsylvania and Ohio to Texas, Colorado, and California. This is the most important election of our lifetimes, and I ask for your support in this great campaign for our future."

In the coming weeks, Fracking will launch a virtual bus tour that will take her across the United States and culminate with the selection of a vice presidential candidate. She looks forward to the fall debates where she can compare her record of improving the economy against the rhetoric of her opponents.

For more information about the candidate and her platform, visit www.frackingforpresident.com and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

About Fracking for President
Fracking for President is a project of FrackFeed and North Texans for Natural Gas. It is intended for educational purposes only, although we can't help it if people laugh too.

CONTACT: Courtney Loper, Media@FrackingForPresident.com

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