Seattle, March 26, 2016 —Greenpeace flew its thermal airship Friday afternoon over Seattle urging Secretary Clinton to “Say No To Fossil Fuel Money.” Joined by more than 20 partners, Greenpeace has been campaigning for Secretary Clinton to drop her fossil fuel connections since January.


“Secretary Clinton has already made bold statements about stopping fossil fuels. However, the first step for a candidate to stop fossil fuels is to stop taking fossil fuel money,” said Greenpeace USA Democracy Campaigner and Seattle resident Kate Melges. “Fossil fuel companies have polluted our air and climate and now they are polluting our democracy. Now is the time for every presidential candidate to prove that they will put people first by rejecting dirty money and protecting people’s right to vote.”

In January, Greenpeace and more than 20 partners launched a pledge asking all candidates to commit to fixing democracy by rejecting campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies and protecting voting rights. After outreach to all the presidential campaigns, Senator Sanders is still the only Democratic candidate to sign the pledge. No Republican candidates have signed it.

Greenpeace also flew its thermal airship with the message to Secretary Clinton last month in Las Vegas during the Democratic Nevada caucus. Volunteers have also brought the demand for Clinton to reject fossil fuel money to more than 10 fundraisers, debates and rallies across the country.

Secretary Clinton responded to Greenpeace’s request last month committing to initiate a process that would reverse the effect of the Citizens United decision and restore the full protections of the Voting Rights Act. However, the statement did not include a commitment to reject fossil fuel money.

According to data compiled by Greenpeace’s research department, Secretary Clinton’s campaign and the Super PAC supporting her have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry during the 2016 election cycle.

Weather permitting, Greenpeace will continue to fly the airship with its message throughout the week. The Democratic caucus in Washington takes place on Saturday.

Greenpeace does not officially endorse any political candidate or party. However, we’re determined to show each candidate that our membership is looking for meaningful climate action and environmental justice in their platforms and policies.

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