Progreassive Change Campaign Committee
from March 24, 2015 [PDF]



We want the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee to campaign on big, bold, economic-populist ideas that tangibly improve the lives of millions of Americans.

We urge all candidates for president to campaign on big, bold ideas – such as establishing a national goal of debt-free college at all public colleges and universities, expanding Social Security benefits instead of cutting them, creating millions of clean-energy jobs, reducing big-money influence in politics, breaking up the “too big to fail” Wall Street banks that crashed our economy, and ensuring that working families share in the economic growth they help create.

Bold economic populist ideas are popular with Democratic, Independent, and even Republican voters -- and are key to victory in 2016.

We have a responsibility to choose the best candidate for our state, our party, and our nation. We take our responsibility seriously.



  • Former U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, D-IA
  • U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, IA-2
  • Former U.S. Rep. Dave Nagle, IA-3
  • Former U.S. Rep. Berkley Bedell, IA-6
  • Mike Fitzgerald, Iowa State Treasurer
  • Roxanne Conlin, former Iowa Democratic Party Chair; former U.S. Senate Candidate
  • Steve Abbott, CWA Iowa State Council President
  • Mark Cooper, South Central Iowa Federation of Labor President
  • Cathy Glasson, SEIU Local 199 President
  • Sue Dinsdale, Iowa Citizens Action Network Executive Director
  • R. Ben Stone, former ACLU of Iowa Executive Director
  • Former Speaker of the Iowa House Patrick Murphy
  • State Rep. Sharon Steckman, District 53
  • State Rep. Phyllis Thede, District 93
  • State Rep. Art Staed, District 66
  • State Rep. Dan Kelley, District 29
  • State Rep. Liz Bennett, District 65
  • State Rep. Cindy Winckler, District 86
  • Rick Smith, Iowa Democratic Party Central Committee Member
  • Julie Theulen, Iowa Democratic Party Central Committee Member; Shelby County Democrats Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Harrington, Page County Democrats Chair
  • Kurt Meyer, Tri-County Democrats Chair
  • John Stone, Cerro Gordo County Democrats Chair
  • Sherry Toelle, Cass County Democrats Chair
  • Larry Hodgen, Cedar County Democrats Chair
  • James Berge, Worth County Democrats Chair
  • Don Paulson, Muscatine County Democrats Chair
  • Robert Bell, Madison County Democrats Chair
  • Lorraine Williams, Washington County Democrats Chair
  • Walt Pregler, Dubuque County Democrats Chair
  • Dr. Gerene M. Denning, Johnson County Democrats Chair
  • Kim Weaver, O’Brien County Democrats Chair
  • Charlene Doyle, Poweshiek County Democrats Co-Chair
  • George Ensley, Boone County Democrats Co-Chair
  • Daniel Hanson, Allamakee County Democrats Co-Chair
  • Kevin Perkins, Scott County Democrats Finance and Elections Chair
  • Louise Frakes, former Washington County Democrats Chair
  • Dave Somsky, former Woodbury County Democrats Chair
  • David Neas, former Clark Democrats Chair; former Audobon County Attorney; former ISEA Local President (Southwestern Community College Education Association)
  • C. Kathleen Kerns, Cass County Democrats Vice Chair
  • Michael Worrell, Page County Democrats Vice Chair and Treasurer
  • Walden Paige, Marshall County Democratic Central Committee First Vice Chair
  • Allyson Story, Linn County Democratic Central Com- mittee Executive Board Financial Chair
  • Rosemary Schwartz, former Benton County Demo- cratic Central Committee Chair
  • Sharon Holle, Scott County Democrats Central Com- mittee Member
  • Virginia Davis, Poweshiek County Central Commit- tee Central Committee Member
  • Sue Wilson, Dubuque County Democrats Committee Member
  • Laura Twing, Cedar County Democratic Central Committee Treasurer
  • Thomas Corrieri, Story County Democrats Treasur- er
  • Mary Loney Bichell, former Dubuque Democrats Treasurer
  • James Blair, former Des Moines County Democrats Secretary and Treasurer
  • Monica Vernon, Congressional Candidate, IA-1
  • Ravi Patel, Congressional Candidate, IA-1; President, Hawkeye Hotel
  • Gary Kroeger, Prospective Congressional Candi- date, IA-1
  • Thomas Baldridge, former Johnson County Precinct Chair
  • Harold Render, former Iowa Convention Delegate
  • Sherrie Taha, former Iowa Secretary of Agriculture candidate
  • Teresa Meyer, former Candidate for District 63; AFSCME member
  • Jonathan Neiderbach, former State Auditor Democratic Candidate
  • Jeff Smith, Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Union Local 3 President
  • Sandy Doerring, SEIU Local 199 Officer
  • Randy Boulton, United Steelworkers (USW) Sub-Director
  • Chad McFarland, UAW Local 450 Executive Board Member
  • Mike Carberry, Johnson County Supervisor
  • Mayor Gary Wilkinson, Oxford
  • Former Mayor Richard Warren, Elodra; former Milpitas City Council Member
  • Skip Moore, Des Moines City Council Member
  • Michael Wilbur, Primghar City Council Member; former UFCW Local 179 President
  • Dale Todd, former Cedar Rapids City Council Member
  • Susan Beary, former Lovila City Council Member
  • Som Baccam, Broadlawns Hospital Board of Trustees Member
  • Maria Dickmann, Davenport School Board Member
  • Nolden Gentry, Des Moines School Board Member
  • Flora Lee, Sioux City School Board Member; NEA Member
  • Richard Paulus, West Branch School Board Member
  • James Perrin, former OFA Deputy Field Organizer
  • Elizabeth Belden, 2008 OFA Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus Leader
  • Kari Carney, Women Building Power Co-Founder and Principle
  • Bridget Fagan, Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund Activist
  • W. Michael Biklen, retired United Methodist Church Clergy
  • Darrell Mitchell, retired United Methodist Church Pastor
  • Tom Rendon, Organizational Leader
  • Eloise Cranke, Organizational Leader
  • Chet Guinn, Organizational Leader
  • Matt Hildreth, Organizational Leader
  • Lena Robinson, Organizational Leader

New Hampshire

Former U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, NH-1
Former U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes, NH-2
Scott McGilvray, NEA New Hampshire President
Karen McDonough, former NEA New Hampshire President
Deborah Smith, NH AFL-CIO Vice President At Large; American Postal Workers Union Member
State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, District 21
State Sen. David Watters, District 4
Former State Sen. Burt Cohen, District 24; former Majority Leader
Former State Sen. William J. McCarthy, Manchester
State Rep. Marcia Moody, Rockingham 17
State Rep. Renny Cushing, Hillsborough 14
State Rep. Cynthia L. Chase, Cheshire 8
State Rep. Christy Bartlett, Merrimack 19
State Rep. John Bordenet, Cheshire 5
State Rep. John Coultier, Sullivan 10
State Rep. Barbara French, Merrimack 6
State Rep. Lee Walker Oxenham, Sullivan 1
State Rep. Peter Bixby, Strafford 17
State Rep. Timothy Horrigan, Strafford 6
State Rep. Marjorie Porter, Hillsborough 1
State Rep. Tim Smith, Hillsborough 17
State Rep. Travis Bennett, Grafton 8
State Rep. Larry Converse, Sullivan 4
State Rep. George Sykes, Grafton 13
State Rep. Ivy Vann, Hillsborough 24
State Rep. Caroletta Alicea, Merrimack 8
State Rep. Laura Pantelakos, Rockingham 25
State Rep. Len DiSesa, Strafford 16
State Rep. Frank Heffron, Rockingham 18
State Rep. Mario F. Ratzki, Merrimack 1
State Rep. Richard Abel, Grafton 13
State Rep. Mary Heath, Hillsborough 14
State Rep. Becky McBeath, Rockingham 26
State Rep. Dan Sullivan, Hillsborough 42
State Rep. Richard Ames, Cheshire 9
State Rep. Martha Hennessey, Grafton 12
State Rep. Virginia Irwin, Sullivan 9
State Rep. Marge Shepardson, Cheshire 10
State Rep. June M. Frazer, Merrimack 13
State Rep. Linda Kenison, Merrimack 15
State Rep. Wayne Burton, Strafford 6
State Rep. Richard McNamara, Hillsborough 38
State Rep. Timothy N. Robertson, Cheshire 6
State Rep. Alethea Froburg, Coos 3
State Rep. Charles Townsend, Grafton 11
State Rep. Chris Brown, Grafton 12
State Rep. Dick Patten, Merrimack 17
State Rep. Andrew Schmidt, Sullivan 1
State Rep. Gerald W. R. Ward, Rockingham 28
State Rep. Judith Sprang, Strafford 6
State Rep. Paula Francese, Rockinham 18
State Rep. Christopher Herbert, Hillsborough 43
State Rep. Gilman Shattuck, Hillsborough 1
State Rep. Suzanne Harvey, Hillsborough 29
Former State Rep. Scott Harvey, Merrimack 2
Former State Rep. Maureen Mann, Rockingham 32 and Rockingham 1
Former State Rep. Betty Hall, Hillsborough 26
Former State Rep. Sylvia Gale, Hillsborough 28
Former State Rep. Eileen Ehlers, Hookset 24
Former State Rep. Chris Muns, Rockingham 21
Former State Rep. James Curran, District 7
Former State Rep. Donna Schlachman, Rockingham 18
Former State Rep. Gordon Allen, Hillsborough 1
Former State Rep. Jessie L. Osborne, Merrimack 12
Former State Rep. James Timothy Dunn, Keene 3; former Keene School District NEA Local President; former Keene City Council Member
Carl DeMatteo, Cheshire County Democrats Chair
Elizabeth Funicella, Carroll County Democrats Chair
Charles Prouix, Raymond County Democrats Chair
Duane Kimball, former Strafford County Democrats Chair
Joe Cicirelli, former Strafford County Democrats Chair
Joyce Weston, Plymouth Area Democrats Chair
Emmanuel Krasner, Farmington Democrats Chair
Larry Drake, Portsmouth Democratic Committee Chair
Keith Thompson, Brookline Democrats Co-Chair
Barbara Bryce, Cheshire County Democrats Gilsum Town Chair
Jane Brickett, Coos County Democrats Lancaster Town Co-chair
Mark Mitchell, former Barrington Democrats Chair
Dorothy Piquado, former Guilford Democrats Chair; former Candidate for NH State Representative, Belknap 2
Mary Rauh, former Congressional Candidate, NH-2; Democratic Activist
Linda Garrish Thomas, Former Candidate for NH State Representative, Hillsborough 9
Nancy Heath, former Candidate for New Hampshire State Representative, District 29
Jane Alden, former Candidate for New Hampshire State Representative, District 4
Peter Miller, NEA New Hampshire UniServ Director
Eddy Deblois, USW Local 4-0075 President
Jim Schaufenbil, Communications Workers of America (CWA) Representative
Gary Poland, former IUE-CWA Local 201 Executive Board Member
Andi Johnson, former Keene City Council Member
Martha Richards, Grafton County Commissioner - District 3
Chuck Weed, Cheshire County Commissioner, Distict 2
Valerie Scarborough, Plymouth Selectwoman
Herbert Moyer, Exeter Selectman
• Chuck O’Ceallaigh, Barrington Selectman
Mary Ahlgren, Sanbornton Supervisor of Checklist;Committee Member
Jeanne Ludt, Amherst Supervisor of the Checklist
Judith Abbott, former Sanbornton Supervisor of the Checklist
Ellen Clement, Cheshire County Democrats Executive Committee Member
Keith McCrea, Lucas County Democratic Party Secretary
Corry Hughes, Coos County Democratic Party Secretary
Frank Emmick, Milford Democrats Secretary
Steven Rand, Plymouth Planning Board member
Jennifer Kenny, New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans Field Director
Matt Lawrence, League of Conservation Voters Field Organizer
Robert Hillery, former Stratham School Board Chairman
Gata Hudson, Unity School District Board Member
Susan Fratus, Keene School District Board Member
Mo Baxley, former New Hampshire Freedom to Mar- ry Executive Director
Joe Plaia, former Candidate for Rockingham County Attorney
Dean Barker, Blue Hampshire
Diane Raymond, NH Citizens Alliance
Matt Murray, NH Labor News
Douglas Whitbeck, 350NH Leadership Committee Member
Kenneth Hajjar, Londonderry Budget Committee Member
Paul Button, Hillsborough County Area Renewable Energy Initiative President
Shara Smith, Progressive Activist
Vince Greco, Progressive Activist
Andy Howarth, Progressive Activist
Bill Kingston, Progressive Activist
Maureen Westrick, Progressive Activist
Justin Murphy, Progressive Activist