Immediate Release:

June 18, 2016

Contact: Monica Biddix

2016 Iowa Democratic Party State Convention Results

DES MOINES—Today, Iowa Democrats held their state convention at the Iowa Events Center in downtown Des Moines. Our state convention is the final step in the Iowa Democratic Party’s delegate selection process that began on February 1st, 2016. With 1285 of 1406 delegates seated, Democrats today saw an incredible participation rate, signaling that the party is strong, united, and committed to turning out voters in November.

IDP Chair Dr. Andy McGuire said that today’s convention showed that the Democratic party is clearly ready to move forward into the General Election. "I am energized and encouraged after the enthusiasm I saw at today's state convention,” said McGuire. “I saw hundreds of smiling faces today, and as Democrats, we know that in the end we are in this fight together to combat inequality, discrimination and exclusion. This is going to be the most important election of our lifetime--Donald Trump is dangerous, unpredictable, and unfit to be our commander-in-chief.”

The results of today’s elections are:

National Delegates elected today, 5 Clinton, 4 Sanders

Michael Fitzgerald (Clinton)

Josh Hughes (Clinton)

Christina Blackcloud (Clinton)

Alexandria Hoskins (Clinton)

Cindy Pollard (Clinton)

Eleanore Taft (Sanders)

Jenny Gernhart (Sanders)

Victor Zavala-Sanders

Chris Petersen (Sanders)

PLEO (Party Leader Elected Officials) 3 Clinton, 3 Sanders

Som Baccam (Clinton)

Tom Harkin (Clinton)

Rob Hogg (Clinton)

Brian Gerjets (Sanders)

Mary Hoyer (Sanders)

Brent Oleson (Sanders)

Presidential Electors

Danny Homan (Clinton)

Joan Peck (Clinton)

DNC Committee People

Scott Brennan (Clinton)

Sandy Opstvedt (Clinton)

State Affirmative Action Chair

Rachel (Alex) Anderson (Sanders)

IDP State Central Committee Constituency Caucus Chairs

Asian-American Pacific Islander Caucus: Som Baccam

Black Caucus: Jamie Woods

Disability Caucus: Catherine Crist

Labor Caucus: Tammy Wawro

Latino Caucus: Brenda Phongsavah

Native American Caucus: Lutisha Dumkrieger

Progressive Caucus: Jason Frerichs

Rural Caucus: Colleen Caldwell

Senior/Retiree Caucus: Jean Pardee

Stonewall Caucus: Devin Kelly

Veterans Caucus: Caleb Humphrey

Women’s Caucus: Melinda Jones

Below is a breakdown of the Iowa Democratic Party’s National Delegation. More information will be released in the coming days.

29 National Delegates elected at district conventions: 15 Clinton, 14 Sanders

9 At-Large National Delegates elected today: 5 Clinton, 4 Sanders

6 PLEOs (Party Elected Leader Officials): 3 Clinton, 3 Sanders

7 Superdelegates

23 pledged Clinton Delegates, 21 pledged Sanders Delegates are the same results and Delegate count as the night of Iowa Caucuses on February 1st.


Monica Biddix
Communications Director
Iowa Democratic Party