Secretary of State Pedro Cortés Issues Post-Election Report

Harrisburg, PA - Secretary of State Pedro A. Cortés today reported that Tuesday’s Primary Election saw higher than usual turnout and few issues at polling places.

“A good election, like other successful undertakings, requires careful planning and execution,” Secretary Cortés said. “The Department of State and Pennsylvania’s 67 counties worked collaboratively and diligently in preparing for Tuesday’s Primary. Thanks to properly trained poll workers and well-informed electors, the election was carried out with little disruption.”

Cortés pointed out that Pennsylvania’s primary involved almost 9,200 polling places, tens of thousands of voting machines and more than 3.3 million voters who cast ballots.

The Department’s early and unofficial estimate is that turnout was slightly more than 40.5% of the state’s 8.27 million registered voters. That compares to 19.8% percent in 2012 and 42.7% percent in 2008, when there were still two Democratic presidential candidates in the race.

Throughout Election Day, Department of State staff answered more than 3,300 calls received via the Commonwealth’s voter help line (1-877-VOTESPA). Most callers wanted to confirm their voter registration status or asked for help in locating their polling place.

The Department monitored 23 issues reported by voters, the counties and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). Situations included two precincts that had voting machines down for a short period of time, a ballot printing problem, and a complaint of electioneering inside a polling place.

In addition, PEMA assisted in expediting restoration of power to a few polling places hit by storms. In three instances involving power outages, the battery backup system worked as designed to keep voting machines functioning properly.

Cortés thanked the tens of thousands of Pennsylvania poll workers who assisted on Election Day.

“Our Commonwealth poll workers are in the front lines administering fair and reliable elections. They work long hours and have a strong sense of civic responsibility,” Cortés said. “Their role is vital to our democracy.”

For unofficial election results, visit the Department of State website at dos.pa.gov. The site provides statewide totals as well as county-by-county breakdowns of each race.

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