New Hampshire Democratic Party

February 20, 2015

RELEASE: NHDP Uncovers Vice Presidential Hopeful Kelly
Ayotte’s Leaked Website Redesign

Secret Prototype Leaks Amidst Ayotte’s Political Travel to Missouri for Vice Presidential Audition

Concord, N.H. – As Kelly Ayotte travels to Missouri for a Vice Presidential audition, the New Hampshire Democratic Party released a leaked preview of Ayotte’s campaign website redesign.Click here for the leaked prototype of Kelly Ayotte’s website redesign.

“It’s clear that Vice Presidential hopeful Kelly Ayotte is more focused on raising her national profile than looking out for the people and businesses of New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “From her extensive political travel to her frequent Fox News appearances, it’s painfully obvious that Ayotte is after one thing, and one thing only: a shot at the Vice Presidency.”

“Granite Staters deserve better than a politician who has already left them behind for a shot at national office,” added Buckley.

The leaked prototype indicates voters will be soon able to, “Learn more about Kelly – a Senator, Vice Presidential hopeful, and Fox News staple who is out to leverage her Senate seat for a shot at superstardom.”

The site preview also teases upcoming posts including, “Why I Would Be A Great Fit For A Christie Administration,” “People I Admire: Jeb Bush,” And “Scott Walker and Kelly Ayotte: A Perfect Match.”

**NOTE: This is a work of parody**

Image of NHDP Ayotte Parody Site