Wisconsin Delegation to the 2016 Democratic National Convention

District-Level Delegates and Alternates

Selected at the May 1, 2016 CD Caucuses

1st CD
Angie Aker, Bernie Sanders
Meg Andrietsch, Hillary Clinton
Cathy Brandstetter, Bernie Sanders
Rep. Cory Mason, Hillary Clinton
David Palmer, Bernie Sanders
Brad Schwanda, Hillary Clinton

2nd CD
Luke Fuszard, Hillary Clinton
Maureen May Grimm, Bernie Sanders
John Hendrick, Bernie Sanders
Frank Long, Hillary Clinton
Christine McDonough, Bernie Sanders
Sondra Milkie, Hillary Clinton
Crystal Miller, Hillary Clinton
John Stanley, Bernie Sanders
Karla Stoebig, Bernie Sanders
Nate Timm, Bernie Sanders
Heidi Wegleitner, Bernie Sanders

3rd CD
Vicki Burke, Hillary Clinton
Ryan Greendeer, Hillary Clinton
Gary Hawley, Hillary Clinton
Obbie King, Bernie Sanders
Matthew LaRonge, Bernie Sanders
Alicia Leinberger, Bernie Sanders
Xong Xiong, Bernie Sanders

4th CD
Jaime Alvarado, Bernie Sanders
Nancy Kaplan, Hillary Clinton
Craig Mastantuono, Hillary Clinton
LaKeshia Meyers, Hillary Clinton
Supreme Moore Omokunde, Bernie Sanders
Luz Sosa, Bernie Sanders
Marla Stephes, Hillary Clinton
Tomika Vukovic, Bernie Sanders
Andrew Warner, Hillary Clinton
Walter Wilson, Bernie Sanders

5th CD
Ryan Champeau, Hillary Clinton
Robert Hansen, Bernie Sanders
Tanya Lohr, Hillary Clinton
Tracey Sperko, Bernie Sanders
Michelle Zahn, Bernie Sanders

6th CD
Paul Czisny, Bernie Sanders
Ryan Hamann, Bernie Sanders
Joan Kaeding, Hillary Clinton
Deb Klock, Hillary Clinton
Joe Messinger, Hillary Clinton
Patti VandeHei, Bernie Sanders

7th CD
Maria Hutchinson, Bernie Sanders
David Mettille, Hillary Clinton
Thomas Mettille, Hillary Clinton
Lori Miller, Bernie Sanders
Joshua Renner, Bernie Sanders
Melissa Schroeder, Hillary Clinton

8th CD
Mary Ginnebaugh, Hillary Clinton
Desiree May, Bernie Sanders
Teresa Ninneman, Hillary Clinton
Eric Reimer, Bernie Sanders
Andrew Walsh, Bernie Sanders
Mark Waltman, Hillary Clinton


1st CD
Joshua Skolnick, Bernie Sanders

2nd CD
Tod Pulvermacher, Bernie Sanders

4th CD
Carmen Cabrera, Hillary Clinton

5th CD
Joe Kanzleiter, Bernie Sanders

7th CD
Kimberly Butler, Bernie Sanders

Standing Committee Members

Linda Honold, Clinton
Kaja Rebane, Sanders
Rep. Dana Wachs, Clinton

Mary Bottari, Sanders
Robert Kraig, Sanders
Nathan Schwantes, Clinton

Kathleen Falk, Clinton
Sarah Lloyd, Sanders
Andrew Werthmann, Sanders
Mike Tate, National Appointee to Rules Committee

Delegation Pages

Cassi Fenili
Will Hoffman
Brandon Weathersby


The 2016 Wisconsin Delegation

Quick Facts:
  • Wisconsin will select a total of 96 delegates and 7 alternates for the 2016 convention
  • There are three different delegate types that one may run as: District Level Delegate, PLEO Delegate, or At Large Delegate.
  • In order to run as a delegate you must be 18 years old on or before April 5, 2016, be a resident of Wisconsin and a U.S. Citizen, and be a registered voter in the district in which you are running

Important Dates:
  • February 9th: Statement of Intent forms will be available on this website and at State Party Headquarters
  • April 8th: Statement of Intent forms are due to the State Party Headquarters by 5:00pm for anyone wishing to run as a District Level Delegate
  • April 17th: County Caucuses
  • May 1st: Congressional District Caucuses
  • May 20th: Statement of Intent forms are due to the State Party Headquarters by 5:00pm for anyone wishing to run as a PLEO or an At Large Delegate
  • June 3rd: PLEO and At Large Delegates are selected by the DPW Administrative Committee in Green Bay, WI
  • July 25th - 28th: Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia, PA


Delegate Breakdown by Candidate:
Wisconsin has a binding primary. All pledged delegates are assigned proportionally based on primary results from the April 5th presidential primary.

District Level Delegates

Statewide Delegates