April 5, 2016 Wisconsin Primary

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April 5 Reps: WI

96 Delegates (86 Pledged)
:  Wisconsin was the only contest on the day and saw competitve races in both parties.  The expectation heading into Primary Day was that Sanders would defeat Clinton, but would he win by a large margin or would it be close?  Sanders carried every county except Milwaukee, and his 13-plus point win allowed him to continue his momentum, marking his seventh win in the last eight contests from March 22.


Official Results - Government Accountability Board   |  Ballot [PDF]
M.O'Malley 1,732 (0.17%), R.De La Fuente w/in 18 (0%), Scattering 431 (0.04%)

Organization:  CLINTON  |  SANDERS                         

High turnout was expected due to competitive contests in both parties.  Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board "projected that 1.75 million Wisconsin residents – or 40 percent of eligible voters – will vote in the 2016 Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary, which would be the highest turnout since 1980 for an April election."  The estimate proved low; when votes for president in both parties were tallied, a total of more 2.1 million Wisconsinites participated. Wisconsin's new photo ID law may have contributed to confusion and long lines in some areas. (+)

Both campaigns had significant field organizations on the ground and television advertising on the airwaves.  Given Wisconsin's progressive tradition, Sanders seemed a closer fit for the state's Democratic voters than Clinton, and he went "all in" for a win here (+). 

Early on, on July 1, 2015, Sanders held a large rally in Madison (>).  As the primary approached, the campaign touted momentum of six wins in the previous seven contests (+).  In the closing two weeks, Sanders held 15 events compared to seven for Clinton, who was in and out of the state as she campaigned in New York. 

The Clinton campaign, as part of its "Ramp Up Grassroots Organizing Program," had a paid staffer in Wisconsin in April-May 2015.  Clinton secured a significant number of endorsements including U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Reps. Ron Kind and Gwen Moore, former Gov. Jim Doyle, former U.S. Herb Kohl and 30 state legislators.

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Democratic Party of Wisconsin
April 5, 2016

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Statement on Presidential Primary Election Results

The following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair, Martha Laning, on tonight's Presidential primary election results: 

"I want to offer my congratulations to Senator Bernie Sanders for his victory in tonight's primary contest, and to both of our Democratic candidates for continuing to run campaigns that focus on the issues that matter most to voters in the Badger state and the American people.

"Throughout this primary contest, Democrats have elevated the political discourse by laying out a vision to raise wages, expand access to healthcare, improve public education, and level the playing field for hardworking American families. Democratic candidates continue to prioritize our Wisconsin values.

"Republicans have imposed unnecessary photo ID laws, curtailed early voting hours, and failed to extend those early voting times in the face of state servers going down for hours last Friday. In spite of these hurdles, Democratic voters made sure they were prepared and came out to vote for a candidate to continue the successes of President Barack Obama.

"That's why we saw our two candidates turn out hundreds of thousands of voters tonight - Democrats are excited about their options in this election. Meanwhile. Republican turnout tonight was driven by their leadership calling for all hands on deck to block their current frontrunner with zero attention paid to the real concerns of the voters.

"The contrast couldn't be clearer. We must elect a Democrat as the 45th President of the United States."

Sanders Allies
Republicans and Aligned

96 Delegates and 7 Alternates:
57 District-level Delegates
19 At-large Delegates
10 Pledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials
10 Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Officials

Pledged delegate allocation:  Sanders 48, Clinton 38.        

County Caucuses:  April 17, 2016.
Congressional District Caucuses:  May 1, 2016.
State Convention:  June 3-4, 2016 in Green Bay, WI.