April 12, 2015

Democratic National Committee

DNC Chair Statement on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Announcement

Washington, DC – In response to Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she will run for president in 2016, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement:

“I would like to welcome Hillary Clinton as the first official candidate for President of the United States to seek the Democratic Party's nomination in 2016. As First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been a forceful advocate for women, children, and families, and an effective ambassador on the global stage.

“While we expect a competitive primary for the Democratic nomination, one thing is for certain — next November, voters will face a choice between Democrats who will continue to build on the middle class economic success of President Obama, and Republican candidates who want to bring back the failed, trickle-down economics of the past. I look forward to the contributions that Secretary Clinton, and all of our eventual candidates, will bring to this debate between two very different visions for the country.”


EMILY's List

EMILY’s List Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Clinton is on track to become the first woman to win the Democratic nomination, and if elected, the first woman president of the United States.

“Hillary Clinton is a lifelong champion for women and families and the most qualified candidate to be president,” said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List. “With roots in the middle class, Hillary’s top priority is changing the economic reality for American families. Her focus is on strengthening the middle class, creating jobs, and making sure hardworking families get a fair shot. No one will work harder than Hillary. She knows how to lead so Washington fights for all Americans. As president, Hillary will create more opportunities than ever for women and girls and for all hardworking Americans across the country, just as she has done throughout her exceptional career. The EMILY’s List community – now more than three million members strong – is proud to endorse Hillary Clinton for president.”

Born in Chicago, the daughter of a small businessman and a secretary, Hillary’s roots and heart are in the middle class. Hillary has devoted her entire career to fighting for women and families, from her first job after law school as an attorney for the Children’s Defense Fund, to her work on the Children’s Health Insurance Program as first lady of the United States, to her emphasis on women’s rights as a “cornerstone of American foreign policy” as secretary of state. She’s fought to end gender discrimination in pay and for commonsense solutions for the middle class, like policies to guarantee paid family and sick leave and raising the minimum wage. 

A visionary leader who’s always worked to create opportunity for others, Hillary’s said she believes “our challenge is to be clear-eyed about the world as it is, while never losing sight of the world as we want it to become.” When she is elected president, it will mean more opportunities for women, more opportunities for girls, and more opportunities for hardworking Americans across the country. 

EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, has raised over $400 million to support pro-choice Democratic women candidates – making it one of the most successful political organizations ever. We recruit and train candidates, support strong campaigns, research women's issues, and turn out women voters. We've trained over 9,000 women to run and helped elect over 100 women to the House, 19 to the Senate, 11 governors, and over 700 to state and local office. Since its founding in 1985, almost one-third of the candidates EMILY’s List has helped elect to Congress have been women of color - including every single Latina, African American, and Asian American Democratic Congresswoman currently serving.

National Organization for Women

Statement from NOW President Terry O'Neill on Hillary Clinton's Presidential Candidacy Announcement

Washington, D.C. –  I welcome Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President in 2016 because gender matters in the United States today, and Hillary Clinton’s life experiences as a woman give her knowledge, insights, and wisdom that others do not have.  That’s good for our politics and good for our country.

Secretary Clinton’s candidacy is a powerful message to girls that they can aspire to the highest office, and an equally powerful message to boys that women can be leaders on an equal footing with men.   That’s a transformative milestone in our society that is long overdue.

NOW and NOW activists have been working steadily since the 1960s for women’s rights, and we were proud when feminist leaders like Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun ran for President and during Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro’s historic campaign for vice president.  They helped make Hillary Clinton’s journey possible.

The National Organization for Women is always on the side of making history, and we love the sound of barriers breaking down.



Elise Coletta

Democracy for America

Statement from Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America, on the entry of Hillary Clinton into the 2016 presidential race:

"We're looking forward to hearing more about Secretary Hillary Clinton's vision for the future of our country and, in particular, how she plans to address our nation's income inequality crisis and stand up to the wealthy and powerful interests on Wall Street and elsewhere that dominate our political process. 

"Secretary Clinton has earned the respect of Democracy for America members because of her deep commitment to the rights of women and children, two groups impacted immensely by income inequality, the issue that will define the 2016 election. 

"We also know that a vigorous competition for the best ideas, the best people, and the best campaign practices will leave our party, our eventual nominee, and our country stronger, which is why we continue to urge Senator Elizabeth Warren to enter the 2016 race for president. As we've seen first-hand over the last four months, Democrats want a 2016 nominee who will fearlessly fight to ensure that all working families have a fighting chance in America and the surest way to guarantee that happens would be to have Senator Warren in the race." -- Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

Democracy for America (DFA) is one of the leading organizations behind the Run Warren Run campaign encouraging Elizabeth Warren to join the 2016 race for president.

Founded in 2004. DFA is a people-powered PAC with 1 million members who have raised and contributed more than $32.7 million and made more than 10.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 831 progressive candidates nationwide.

O'PAC [Martin O'Malley]
 statement attributable to Governor Martin O’Malley’s spokeswoman, Lis Smith:

“Governor O’Malley is seriously considering running for President, and he will make his decision regardless of what other people decide to do. All across the nation, he’s heard from Democrats that they are looking for someone who offers strong progressive values, new leadership, and the experience of getting real results. The Democratic Party will benefit from a robust issues debate, and—should Governor O'Malley decide to enter the race—he will bring one.”

Cruz for President

Ted Cruz reacts to Hillary Clinton's announcement she is running for President
Is the world safer because Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State? No.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Today U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, issued the following statement in reaction to the announcement that Hillary Clinton is running for President:

"Hillary Clinton just announced what we've known for a long time — she's running for president, again. But the good news is that we're ready for Hillary — we know exactly what to expect.

"Hillary Clinton represents the failed policies of the past and there’s going to be a very clear choice to make in 2016. Does America want a third Obama term or are we ready for strong conservative leadership to make America great again?

"Her announcement raises a critical question: Is the world a safer place because Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State?

"The answer is obvious. No. The Obama-Clinton national security policies have made the world more dangerous for America and for our allies.

"She designed and implemented 'leading from behind.' On her watch we have witnessed the rise of Russia, Iran, and ISIS. Radical Islamic terrorists are on the march. Here at home, the Obama-Clinton economic policies have made life harder and harder for millions of hard-working Americans.

"We know that a Hillary Clinton Administration would be no different than an Obama Administration. 

"Obamacare, amnesty, and the ongoing assault on our constitutional rights would continue. Our rights to religious liberty, to free speech, and to keep and bear arms would continue to be threatened by the federal government. There would be more scandals, more corruption, more lawlessness, and more abuse of power.

"The American people have had enough. I believe now, more than ever, is a time for truth.

"It is time to champion the rights of the American people, and to defend America’s sovereignty and the Constitution. 

"Courageous conservatives can and will reignite the promise of America. Together we’re going to win. We’re going to restore freedom and the Constitution and make America great again."

In addition, Sen. Cruz also released this video on Facebook and Twitter.

Rand Paul for President

Rand Paul to Run First Advertisement Against Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON, DC- TODAY, Rand Paul for President released an ad highlighting Hillary Clinton's out-of-touch policies, her dereliction of duty, and her belief that she is above the law. Hillary Clinton represents the worst of the Washington Machine and it's time for a new way. Rand Paul can defeat the Washington Machine and unleash the American Dream by balancing the budget and implementing term limits and the 'Read the Bills' Act. 
The ad will air on cable television in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada starting April 13, 2015.
Right to Rise PAC [Jeb Bush]


Tallahassee, FL — Ahead of Hillary Clinton’s announcement, the Right to Rise PAC released a new web video featuring former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the PAC’s Honorary Chairman, outlining the conservative principles necessary for creating a stronger economy and renewing the promise of prosperity. Governor Bush, in a direct-camera address, advocates for a stronger bond between the United States and our foreign allies, rather than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy agenda that has diminished America’s standing in the world as conflicts continue to escalate abroad.
Unlocking Potential Project [Carly Fiorina]

VIDEO: Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton's Campaign Announcement

Today, Carly Fiorina released a video in response to Hillary Clinton's campaign announcement. Please see the video here and the transcript below:

Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton's Campaign Announcement:

"I think our nation is at a pivotal time, so anyone who wants to be president or commander-in-chief needs a track record of leadership and accomplishment and trustworthiness. Hillary Clinton is a highly intelligent woman, hardworking, she’s dedicated her life to public service. But unfortunately, she does not have a track record of accomplishment or transparency.

"After the famous reset with Russia, Russia is now a more powerful adversary than it was when she became secretary of state. Our relationship with Israel has deteriorated dramatically. The Middle East is in flames. And of course she has not been transparent. She told us for weeks after the purposeful terrorist attack in Benghazi that this was the result of an American video in a demonstration gone bad, and now we learn that she has used a private email server and a private email system for the most sensitive of communications while she was secretary of state.

She doesn’t have a track record of leadership or trustworthiness. She’s not the woman for the White House."


Patriot Voices PAC [Rick Santorum]


Santorum responds to Clinton entering presidential race

VERONA, PA - Former Republican presidential candidate, U.S. Senator, and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum issued the following statement in response to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's entrance into the 2016 presidential race.


Rick Santorum said: "I know Hillary Clinton.  I served with Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton does not have the right vision to lead America."


"I believe we need a President who puts the American worker first, not the corporate interests the Clintons have aligned with.  I believe we need a President who stands up for the 75% of Americans who will never earn a college degree, not the government bureaucrats who are dictating policy from Washington, DC offices.  And I believe we need a President who understands it takes a family to rebuild America from the bottom-up, and it will not be a village, state, or federal government that makes America great again," Santorum continued.


"In the 6 years I served with Senator Clinton, one thing was abundantly clear - Hillary Clinton believes that government is the solution to the challenges our nation faces, not the underlying cause of many of those problems. I am committed to working day and night over the next 18 months to ensure our next President is someone who understands the gravity of the challenges we face and has a message that puts hard-working American families first," concluded Santorum.


Senator Santorum served in the United States Senate with Senator Clinton from 2001 - 2007.  During this time, Senator Clinton and Senator Santorum clashed time and time again on the Senate floor - on issues ranging from banning the heinous procedure known as Partial Birth Abortion to imposing tough sanctions on the radical Iranian regime.  In 2005, Senator Santorum authored the New York Times bestselling book "It Takes A Family" in direct response to Senator Clinton's book "It Takes A Village."


Last week, Senator Santorum and Patriot Voices PAC released its first advertisement highlighting Senator Clinton's failures, focusing on her lack of judgment in opening herself and the United States to cyber-attacks during her tenure as Secretary of State.  To view Patriot Voices PAC's advertisement holding Senator Clinton's feet to the fire click here.



Our American Revival [Scott Walker]

Tweets from
Scott Walker @ScottWalker

As Secretary of State @HillaryClinton was the architect of the failed foreign policy we’re seeing executed by President Obama today. –SKW

.@HillaryClinton has the same Washington-knows-best mentality people around the country are looking to move beyond. – SKW

Americans want leaders from outside of Washington, D.C. with big, bold ideas which is what we're doing at @OurRevival. - SKW

Stand Against Hillary's Record

From the failed Russian reset, to a nearly nuclear armed Iran, and our relations with Israel deteriorating to historic levels, Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State resulted in an America that is less safe and trusted abroad. We must stand together and speak out against Hillary Clinton’s dangerous liberal record. Sign the petition against Hillary's record!
Republican National Committee

RNC Statement on Hillary Clinton's Campaign Announcement

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released this statement today in response to Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement:
“Americans need a president they can trust and voters do not trust Hillary Clinton. Over decades as a Washington insider, Clinton has left a trail of secrecy, scandal, and failed policies that can’t be erased from voters’ minds. The Clintons believe they can play by a different set of rules and think they’re above transparency, accountability, and ethics. Our next president must represent a higher standard, and that is not Hillary Clinton. 
“Clinton’s announcement comes in the shadows of looming investigations over deletion of State Department records and suspicious foreign donations. For weeks Clinton has stonewalled the American public on unanswered questions around these many scandals. As an official candidate, Clinton must come clean with the American people.
“Republicans have a strong and diverse set of candidates who will engage in a productive debate on how to move our country forward. Clinton’s coronation represents more of the same, and voters have made it clear they want a new direction.”


It’s finally happened.

Today Hillary Clinton made official what we've known for years - she is running for president. That is why we're asking you to contribute to the Stop Hillary Fund today. 

Recent polls show that the majority of voters in key swing states don't trust Hillary Clinton, and for good reason. With her countless scandals at the State Department and the ongoing controversy over her secret email server, she’s got a lot to hide.

But make no mistake about it: Hillary Clinton is a formidable candidate. Right now, her forces are assembling a war chest to the tune of a combined $1.7 billion dollars - money she’s going to use to try and whitewash her abysmal record on both domestic and foreign policy issues.

America cannot afford ANOTHER Clinton administration.

That’s why we’ve spent the past two years researching and tracking Clinton, finding out the truth, and holding her accountable. We believe the American people deserve to know where she would take this country. And her recent dip in the polls shows we’re making a difference.

But we need your help - because together, we CAN STOP Clinton. Please contribute just $25, $10, or $5 TODAY to the STOP HILLARY Fund.

Thank you, 

Team America Rising

Heritage Action for America

Today, Hillary Clinton announces she is running for president.

She is a symbol of everything wrong in Washington. She has a track record of messy scandals, uncomfortably close ties to high-powered corporate lobbyists, and unholy alliances with deep-pocketed liberal elites.

> > Heritage Action has a 2-part plan to stop Hillary’s radical, left-wing agenda. Find out more.

America needs bold, principled leadership to get our country back on track.

Find out more about our plan to restore conservative leadership in the White House.

Thank you for your support of principled leadership.


Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America

How you can stop Hillary’s big government agenda

It may be hard to believe, but Hillary Clinton could be more dangerous than Barack Obama. And she will use every tool in her well-stocked arsenal to create an American reliant on government for money, decisions, and jobs, while she works with favored industries to micromanage the economy.

But the real risk is this: If her campaign gains momentum, political consultants may encourage conservatives to compromise their principles to sound more like Hillary.

Conservative principles, not consultant-driven compromises are the only way to stop Hillary’s plans.

America desperately needs a strong, conservative President, not one who will compromise just to combat Hillary.

A roadmap to a conservative White House

Before a conservative can win the White House in 2016, we need to ensure the consultants and special interests don’t force candidates to become Hillary-lite.

With our five years of success stopping the special interests and holding lawmakers accountable to conservative principles, Heritage Action for America is uniquely positioned to do this.

Working with Heritage Foundation policy experts, Heritage Action has created a comprehensive, 192-page agenda called “Opportunity for All, Favoritism to None.” It provides a sharp contrast between the policies of conservative candidates and the policies that favor Washington’s corrupt status quo.

Heritage Action will undertake a two-part initiative based on this plan to win the White House for conservatives:

  1. Evaluate each candidate, Republican and Democrat, on how closely they align with this principled, conservative policy plan, and present the findings to voters.
  2. Educate every presidential campaign to ensure they know the conservative policy solutions to address the true frustrations and anxieties of the American people.

The success of this plan depends on grassroots conservatives like you. Donate today to send a clear message: America needs bold, principled leadership to get our country back on track.

Donate to stop Hillary Clinton’s agenda

Independent Women's Forum


America must ask themselves, is Hillary Clinton the right woman for the job?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced on social media that she will run for president in 2016, becoming the first Democratic candidate to officially declare herself in the race for the White House. Independent Women’s Forum, the leading women’s group on the right, released the following statements in response to Mrs. Clinton’s notice:

Carrie Lukas, managing director of Independent Women’s Forum said:

"It's no surprise that Hillary Clinton has entered the presidential race, and the agenda she hopes to advance won’t be a surprise either.  We know from experience that she wants to grow government by increasing taxes, spending, and regulation in every aspect of American life. 

“It’s the same strategy that we've experienced during President Obama's tenure. We can expect the same results: wage stagnation, anemic job creation, higher prices, ballooning debt, and a diminished sense of America as the Land of Opportunity. 

“The American people simply can't afford another four years of this type of leadership."

Sabrina Schaeffer, IWF executive director, added:

“Mrs. Clinton wants Americans to see her candidacy as a triumph for women.  But the real impact of a President Hillary Clinton would have nothing to do with her gender, but everything to do with the policies she advances.  

“Here is the problem: recognized by some as a champion for women’s rights, Mrs. Clinton, like many other female Democrats in Washington, has repetitively supported legislation that will actually hurt women. From government-run health care and higher taxes to more government regulation between businesses and employees, Clinton’s vision of greater government involvement in nearly all aspects of life and would lead to more economic stress and less opportunities for women.

“Women benefit when the state’s power is limited, economies are allowed to flourish, cultures are permitted to prosper, and individuals, their families, and communities are empowered. For that, gender is irrelevant. It just takes a leader with the right values to advance the American Dream.

“America must ask themselves, is Hillary Clinton the right woman for the job?”




Contact: Ross Hemminger

Ready to Defeat Hillary

(Washington, DC) Today, American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp released the following statement on the announcement that Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016.

“After nearly four decades of single-mindedly chasing the Presidency, Hillary Clinton will announce this weekend that she will again run for the White House in 2016. Never before has a Presidential candidate played so fast and loose with the truth as has Mrs. Clinton. From her refusal to shoot straight with the American people on the deaths of four Americans, including an ambassador, in Benghazi, to her unwillingness to play by the rules in the handling of her official emails during her time at the State Department, we have seen time and time again that Hillary Clinton thinks she does not have to follow the laws the rest of us have to follow.

Outside of pursing a radical agenda, it’s hard to see what, if anything, Hillary Clinton has done. Mrs. Clinton proved to be an ineffective Senator, introducing only two bills that became law during her eight years in the Senate, and she was equally ineffective as Secretary of State. Although she will brag about the tens of thousands of miles she has traveled around the globe, Mrs. Clinton’s global glad-handing resulted in no major breakthroughs. Furthermore, the world is more unsafe now than ever before. Whatever she actually did do during those thousands of miles has been conveniently lost to history when she scrubbed her computer clean in a brazen act of lawlessness.

Since 1992, Hillary Clinton and her husband have been at the center of an endless parade of scandals. After eight years of Barack Obama, the last thing we need is to extend his radical policies another four years with a President Hillary Clinton. Ready? We’ve had enough.”


Charlie Kiefer
Katie Hughes

Bozell on Hillary: We can’t trust her

RESTON, Va. – ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell issued the following statement in response to Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she is running for President of the United States.

“Hillary Clinton has accomplished absolutely nothing that qualifies her to be president, in fact her record of failure demonstrates she’d be a disaster. When she stepped down as Secretary of State she left us a world that is far more dangerous than the one she was given upon taking the job six years ago. It would be insanity to trust her with the leadership of free nations.  Likewise, it would be insanity to trust her with the safety and security of our country. An ambassador and three other Americans were murdered in a terrorist attack that occurred on her watch, after repeated pleas for more security that she ignored.  She and her sleazy husband have demonstrated they have no moral grounding or moral compass – as they’ve graduated from selling the Lincoln Bedroom to high rolling contributors, to selling their souls through their foundations to third world countries that trample on human rights every day. Hillary would take Obama's mess and make it even worse."


ForAmerica is an online army of over 7 million people. The group is a non-profit 501(c)4 organized to educate Americans about traditional and contemporary American values, to relentlessly fight the growth of government, to oppose any substitute to freedom and self-government, to promote individual liberty and excellence, to promote economic opportunity, and to move America toward her founding principles. ForAmerica is chaired by L. Brent Bozell III, one of the most outspoken and effective national leaders in the conservative movement today.

Iowa GOP

April 10, 2015

Contact: Charlie Szold

MEDIA ADVISORY: Iowa GOP Announces 'United Iowa' Initiative Ahead of Expected Hillary Clinton Visit; Press Conference TOMORROW at 2 p.m.

DES MOINES - The Republican Party of Iowa will unveil “United Iowa” tomorrow, an initiative highlighting our continued efforts to elect a Republican to the White House in 2016. 

"We're glad Hillary Clinton is finally prepared to accept the Democratic coronation, but let there be no mistake, we are united in our fight to elect a Republican to the White House in 2016," Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said. "We've been ready for Hillary for some time here, and we hope she will be ready to answer some simple questions on her time in public life."

What: United Iowa press conference with Chairman Jeff Kaufmann and State Central Committee Member Sherill Whisenand

Where: West Mall Area, Iowa Capitol (outdoor area facing downtown Des Moines, near Lincoln and Tad monument)

When: April 11, 2 p.m.

Photo: Iowa GOP


April 12, 2015

Contact: Charlie Szold

Iowa GOP Welcomes Hillary Clinton to Presidential Race With A Few Simple Questions

DES MOINES - Chairman Jeff Kaufmann and Co-Chair Cody Hoefert welcomed Hillary Clinton to the presidential race today after her Sunday announcement.

"Let me be the first to welcome Mrs. Clinton to Iowa and the presidential race. After all, better late than never for her coronation as the Democratic nominee," Chairman Kaufmann said.

“We’ve been ready for Mrs. Clinton for some time here in Iowa, and have some simple questions she must answer:

1) How can someone who has been a D.C. insider for decades bring the fresh perspective we so desperately need in Washington?

2) How are Iowans supposed to trust you when your decades in D.C. have been marked with endless scandal and controversy?

3) How can we trust you when your Foundation currently accepts millions from foreign governments and did so during your tenure as Secretary of State?

4) How can we trust you when, as Secretary of State, you deliberately ignored rules, deleted 30,000 emails to avoid release and put national security information at risk?

5) How can we trust you with America’s foreign policy when the decisions you and President Obama made have led to a more dangerous and unstable world than when you started as Secretary of State?”

Co-Chair Cody Hoefert said:

“Just yesterday we unveiled our United Iowa initiative, which will ensure we all work together to put a Republican in the White House in 2016 and that Hillary Clinton has to answer for her record. We welcome Mrs. Clinton to her long expected Democratic coronation and hope she has answers for these simple questions.”
South Carolina Republican Party

SCGOP statement on Hillary Clinton announcing for President

Columbia, S.C. — SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore today issued a statement following Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she is again running for U.S. President:

“In her nearly thirty years as a political insider, Hillary Clinton has left a trail of scandals that can’t be erased. Unaccountable and unethical, she represents all that’s wrong with Democrats in Washington, D.C.

“Even prominent South Carolina Democrats are calling Hillary Clinton ‘secretive’ and saying ‘is this the best we can do?’ We agree. America needs an honest, principled leader in the White House. Thankfully, Republicans have a strong and diverse set of candidates who will debate the best way to move America forward.”

Source: Top S.C. Democrats NOT ready for Hillary Clinton