November 12, 2015

2016 U.S. Election Data Visualization Tracks Candidates' Social Buzz

Real-time social insights powered by Brandwatch reveal which presidential candidate is winning online

NEW YORK, Nov. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Brandwatch, the industry flagship for social intelligence, today launched its 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Data Visualization which analyzes, illustrates and interprets the public's online conversation around each presidential candidate.

The 2016 Presidential Election Visualization - which will be updated in real-time at - will allow the general public to examine:

  • Individual Candidate Conversations: Each candidate's conversation will be broken down across sentiment and volume of mentions to showcase fluctuations in their respective campaigns.
  • Candidates Within Their Party: As candidates fight to win their party's nomination, the visualization will reveal how each candidate's social presence compares to those against whom they are currently running.
  • Popular Issues: Major topics and issues being addressed within each party will be highlighted to expose which platforms and policies the candidates and their supporters address the most online.
  • Momentum Shifts: Each graphic will allow viewers to adjust the data timeframe between three months, two weeks or the past day to show how each candidate's conversation has gained or lost momentum online.

Brandwatch's live visualization will allow anyone to witness the public social media reaction to every aspect of a modern day presidential campaign. For example, statements and comments to the media, new campaign and social ads, late-night television appearances and debate commentary will be reflected in the data visualization.

In addition, Brandwatch will publish a monthly newsletter summarizing the major trends in online conversations for each candidate and political party. It will provide subscribers with a month-over-month look at how each candidate is fairing online, and who is losing or gaining ground in their pursuit of the Oval Office. To subscribe to the monthly 2016 Election Social Intelligence newsletter, contact

"Social media is becoming a new way to poll, even more so with accurate voter panels based on built-in demographics in our Brandwatch platform," said Nate Walton, Director of Professional Services, Brandwatch. "Polling with social data gives us an edge over survey or phone data because it allows us to discover trends and dissect topics in near real-time. In social the panel doubles as a focus group, telling us what to look for while also providing insights. Favored candidates, political villains, and the issues touching a nerve change minute to minute, day to day. Our 2016 election data visualization will run for the entire year leading up to election night. The goal is to accurately, and beautifully, analyze this social election."

Visit the Brandwatch 2016 Presidential Election Visualization, here:

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