Some Nuances of TV Advertising

How you receive your television (via broadcast, cable or satellite) affects to a degree the ads you see.  There are network buys, which are documented in the FCC political files, but there are also operator buys, where the cable or satellite provider inserts ads.  An industry insider provided this summary:

· Network Buys – Advertiser or media agency works directly with the TV network to purchase commercial times.

· Operator Buys – Every TV operator (ex DISH, DirecTV, Cable) negotiates for 2 minutes of time per hour on most TV networks as part of our carriage agreements. Then we insert our own ads in these blocks.

Thus two minutes an hour will be different depending on the TV operator.  The insider notes, "Many advertisers (ESPECIALLY political) will buy from the TV operators because they are either cheaper or don’t require as big of a media spend commitment."  Within that two minutes, operators can help advertisers do some pretty sophisticated targeting.  Below is the example of D2 Media Sales.

D2 Media Sales

DIRECTV and DISH have partnered to create D2 Media Sales, the largest household addressable TV platform in the nation. The D2 Media TV platform allows political advertisers to improve their targeting beyond typical broadcast news buys, to now target unique groups of households that share the same political and demographic characteristics. Now advertisers can spend their TV advertising dollars only on those voters they are trying to reach in over 20 million households at the state, or national levels.

•  Eliminate the needs to guess at audiences based on network, programs and schedules
•  More cost-effective buying solution with higher impact
•  Combined Nielsen household penetration of more than 20% in key political spend states, e.g. CA, TX, CO, NC, and 38 states have 15% or more of the total Nielsen HH’s within their state
•  D2 Media Sales addressable advertising is available to all candidate, or issue/advocacy campaigns at state, or national levels
•  Advertisers will receive a single invoice and make a single payment for all D2 Media Sales advertising buys

Addressable technology revolutionizes the way candidates and initiatives advertise—the ad finds the specific target audience vs. the audience finding the ad. Our platform allows campaigns to match Big Data analytics with highly targeted ad copy for households sharing common demographic and voting characteristics

D2 Media Sales addressable advertising offers political advertisers/campaigns multiple ways to target households, providing scale and flexibility
•  Target groups of voter households in a particular state, or across multiple states
•  Choose from a list of political/demographic attributes, such as party affiliation, age, gender, income, ethnicity, etc
•  Use the Campaign’s own proprietary target lists to identify specific household groups to reach with TV advertising

Sept. 19, 2016

Deep Root Analytics Teams Up With D2 Media Sales to Offer 26 Proprietary Political & Advocacy Audience Segments to Target TV Ads to Dish & DirecTV Households

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Deep Root Analytics, a leading media analytics company that creates multi-sourced media data platforms for television audience targeting and ad monitoring, announced today that it has teamed up with D2 Media Sales to enable political & advocacy advertisers to target households using proprietary audience segments.

Deep Root Analytics has created 26 proprietary segments of voters based on partisan or issue affinity and has pre-matched these segments to D2's advertising platform, providing addressable TV advertising to nearly 22 million DIRECTV and DISH satellite households.

"Today's political and advocacy advertisers want the effectiveness and efficiency that comes with targeting very specific audiences with TV advertising," noted Deep Root Analytics CEO Brent McGoldrick. "At Deep Root Analytics, we are focused on 'bringing big data to big media.' So, we are thrilled to work with D2 Media Sales and access their best-in-class addressable TV platform to enable our clients to communicate with nearly 22 million DIRECTV & DISH customers."

"We're excited to bring addressable TV targeting capabilities to Deep Root Analytics clients," said Mark Failla, Director of Political Ad Sales at D2 Media Sales. "Our targeting technology can serve campaign messages to the most data-qualified voter households, as defined by the advertiser, each time, instead of leaving it to chance."

The proprietary segments created by Deep Root Analytics and made available for addressable advertising via D2 Media Sales include:

Reluctant Republicans


Libertarian Voters 

Disaffected Democrats

GOP Primary

Fiscal Conservatives

Swing Voters

2nd Amendment Voters 

Education Voters

Senior Swing Voters

Jobs Voters

Health Care Voters

Young Swing Voters

Free Trade

High Disposable Income

Women Swing Voters

Energy Voters

Minimum Wage Ballot Initiative

Blue Collar


Pro-Marijuana Ballot Initiative

Hispanic Persuasion


Anti-Marijuana Ballot Initiative


Social Conservatives

The segments created by Deep Root Analytics do not utilize customer data provided by DIRECTV & DISH.

The Deep Root Difference
Deep Root Analytics leverages media analytics to surface hidden data insights and provides greater efficiency, effectiveness and accountability for media buying decisions. Using proprietary methodology, Deep Root Analytics matches first-party target data to a blended set of large-linked, multi-sourced datasets and makes available a suite of media analytics dashboards and tools, including custom ratings, optimized media buys, ad occurrence evaluation, media mix modeling, and unduplicated reach analysis. For more information, follow @DeepRootX and visit

About D2 Media Sales
D2 Media Sales is a joint venture between DIRECTV and DISH, to create the nation's largest, scalable household addressable TV platform for political advertisers. Addressable TV advertising enables the delivery of a TV ad, in a privacy compliant manner, to the individual households of a select demographic or voter segment. A TV ad is shown during a commercial break, when the household is watching TV, regardless of programming or time of day, both in live or playback modes, by an advertiser-defined target audience. Since 2014, the D2 Media Sales Platform has delivered hundreds of political television campaigns for both candidates and causes. Each addressable TV campaign is fueled by demographic and voter file data from leading data providers, enabling the delivery of campaigns that reach nearly 22 million households at the state, or national levels.

CONTACT: Brent McGoldrick,; Mark Failla,

How does DISH's addressable product differ from other offerings in the marketplace?

DISH offers demographically targeted, household level advertising on a national scale. While others tout a product that on the surface seems similar, they are constrained by limited reach, the ability to target only specific regions and DMAs and/or only provide the opportunity to insert on a small number of networks. With DISH, advertisers can target and reach nearly 8 million households.

What does it mean to "buy your audience"?

Traditionally when buying national cable, advertisers purchase 30-second units that are seen across a content provider's overall footprint, even though the advertiser's desired audience may only makeup a portion of the platforms viewership. Through DISH's addressable advertising, advertisers are able to avoid the wasted reach of the standard buying approach, paying only for the viewers they would like to reach. This new buying-your-audience method is based on household impressions - minimizing the weight placed on spot counts and increasing the value of the eyeballs actually tuning-in.

How are addressable target audiences identified?

To find the desired audience, a rich set of demographic descriptors provided by DISH, 3rd party data providers (i.e.Epsilon, Experian, Polk and Dunnhumby) or the advertiser are merged with DISH's subscriber base to hone-in on the households that meet their predetermined target attributes (the entire demographic targeting process is anonymous and no subscriber data is ever released).

How is addressable advertising reported?

Each addressable advertiser receives robust, custom, in-depth analysis from Rentrak including impressions per hour and campaign frequency, in addition to network performance.