Convention Standing Committees 

(Chair nominations ratified by the DNC Executive Committee on Jan. 22, 2016)
- additional members elected by the parties in each of the states and territories -

Lorraine Miller
James Roosevelt, Jr.

Vice Chairs:  Fiona Ma, Board Member  -  Rosie Péréz  -  Edward Romero, Ambassador  -  Levar Stoney, Secretary of the Commonwealth

Hareth Andrade  -  Keith Boykin  -  Sister Simone Campbell -  Patrick Eiding  -  Fritz Friedman  -  Dr. Freddie Haynes -  Ada Horwich  -  Eric Jones, Mayor   -  Maimah Karmo  -  Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum  -  Dr. Marsha Laufer  - Yvette Lewis  -  Natasha McKenzie  -  Moses Mercado  -  Michael Monroe  -  Robbie Myers  -  Johnnie Patton  -  Dr. Larry Pierre  -   Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu   -  Fred Rolando  -  Monica Russo  -  Diego Sanchez  -  Nina Turner  -  Mallory Weggemann   -  Frank White

Shirley Franklin
Dannel Malloy, Governor

Vice Chairs:  Nellie Gorbea, Secretary of State  -  Reverend Cynthia Hale  -  Ed Lee, Mayor  -  Greg Rosenbaum

Eric Alva  -  Staff Sgt.(Ret) Stephen Benjamin  -  Mayor Maya Berry  -  Steve Beshear  -  Clayola Brown  -  Henry Claypool  -  Jodi Gilette  -  Cyrus Habib, State Senator  -  Mary Kay Henry -  Ilyse Hogue  -  Mara Keisling  -  Carole King  -  Dr. Esther Lopez  -  Mark Magana   -  Robert Martinez  -  Minyon Moore  -  Luis Moscoso, State Representative  -   Karen K. Narasaki   -  Donna Payne-Hardy  -  Max Richtman  -  Lee Saunders  -  Marc Stanley  -  Dilawar Syed  -  Jessie Ulibarri, State Senator  -  Randi Weingarten

Barney Frank

Leticia Van De Putte

Vice Chairs:  Maria Cardona   -  Michael Coleman   -  Leonard Forsman   -  Smita Shah

Stacey Abrams, State Legislator  -  Dean Aguillen  -  Donna Christian-Christensen  -  Amanda Cobb-Greetham  -  Shefali Razdan Duggal  -  Johnny Dupree, Mayor  -  Barbara Effman  -  Susan Esserman  -  John Estrada  - Javier Gonzales  -  Libby Greer  - Dolores Huerta  -  Saif Khan  -  Dale LeFebvre  -  Ann Lewis  -  Terry Lierman  -  Tanya Lombard  -  Regina Montoya  -  Rev. Otis Moss, III  -  Ken Ringmaiden  -  Stephanie Herseth Sandlin   -  Bakari Sellers  -  Mike Tate  -  Sid Topol   -  Wellington Webb


Biographies [PDF]

Ed. note: Sanders campaign has sought to remove Platform Committee co-chair Dannel Malloy and Rules Committee co-chair Barney Frank, describing them as "aggressive attack surrogates for the Clinton campaign" (1, 2).

Democratic National Committee

January 22, 2016

DNC Holds Executive Committee Conference Call

WASHINGTON – Due to today’s inclement weather throughout the country, the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) Executive Committee held their Executive Committee meeting via conference call today, hearing from special guests such as Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair Marcel Groen, and Democratic National Convention Committee CEO Leah Daughtry on preparations for the Democratic Convention to be held in the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love in July. The previously-scheduled in-person meeting in Philadelphia, including a tour of the convention sites, was cancelled due to expected inclement weather.
Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz also delivered remarks during today’s call. In addition, the DNC Executive Committee voted to ratify the Chair’s 2016 Party Leader and Elected Official Member appointments to the Convention Standing Committees: Credentials, Platform, and Rules. The slate of the Chair’s appointments is attached in PDF format.
DNC rules provide for the Chair to appoint 75 Party Leader and Elected Official Members to the three Convention Standing Committees.  These Party Leader Members serve in addition to and together with the over 160 members that are elected in each and every state to those same committees.   
“I am extremely proud of the experienced group of individuals who are ready and dedicated to serving our Party on the Convention Committees,” said DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “This slate represents the great variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that make up our Party. We wanted to make sure that the diversity of our party was reflected to the highest levels in terms of race, gender, age, and geography and feel confident that these individuals will do a tremendous job in this capacity.” 
The bulk of the Standing Committee members will be elected from the states and territories during the delegate selection process.
The Chair also appointed Committee Co-Chairs as follows:
·  Credentials Committee: Lorraine Miller and Jim Roosevelt
·  Rules Committee: Former State Senator Leticia Van de Putte and former U.S. Congressman Barney Frank
·  Platform Committee: Governor Dan Malloy and former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin

ed. note: The DNC almost seemed to be trying to slip Wasserman-Shultz's appointments to the convention standing committees under the radar.  It announced them in this press release, informatively titled "DNC Holds Executive Committee Conference Call," on Friday, January 22, 2016; the release is not posted on the party's website.