Friday, Sept. 8, 2016
Contact: DNC Press


Last week, the Democratic National Committee announced the launch of its state-based Victory Leaders Council program.

Utah becomes the second state program. Councils will exist in red and blue states that have not been contested in recent presidential elections. Georgia’s council launched last week, and Arizona’s will launch later this week. The goal of the councils is to help elect Hillary Clinton and win down ballot elections this cycle and beyond.
Each Victory Leaders Council will include prominent individuals and elected officials but depend on grassroots activists who put elbow grease into electing Democrats up and down the ballot. They will expand our ground capacity in each state, helping to deliver votes and volunteers to Hillary Clinton and down-ballot Democrats at every level of the ticket. These structures will live on beyond Election Day to help Democrats win in mid-term elections, flip Republican majorities, and to help President Hillary Clinton enact her policy agenda.
Victory Leaders Councils will be volunteer-led and driven but will work closely with each Hillary For America state director as well as the executive directors and chairs of each state party. The VLC program will be overseen by the Democratic National Committee’s field team and each VLC leader will have a designated liaison at the DNC. Victory Leaders Councils will not only keep stakeholders engaged through regular meetings but will also organize door-to-door canvasses, phone banks, and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts in each state.
“We are committed to winning up and down the ticket from the White House to the state houses,” said Donna Brazile, interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. “We are building on the momentum of our hugely successful convention, where we passed the most progressive platform in history that would do the most good for the most families. There is a stark choice for voters to make in this election, and Democrats have a historic opportunity and responsibility to help voters see that choice clearly. The Victory Leaders Councils are one more way that Democrats are investing in all 50 states.” 
“Democrats are competing across the country and building for the future,” said Brandon Davis, Chief of Staff at the Democratic National Committee. “In states from Georgia to Arizona, demographics and politics are changing quickly -- and Democrats are making the investments to make gains now so that we can take majorities later. We are mobilizing voters across the country to elect more Democrats and to deliver on the policies being driven by the Clinton-Kaine ticket and Democrats at every level of the ballot. In the meantime, the Republicans are pursuing outdated policies that have failed hard working families and our communities.”
Adam Parkhomenko, the DNC’s National Field Director, will be overseeing the Victory Leaders Council program at the DNC.
"I agree with President Obama that nobody has ever been as prepared as Hillary Clinton to be President, and I am proud of with what she has done with her life and honored to support her. At a time when leadership is crucially needed in our country and across the globe there is no better person for the job. I joined the Victory Leaders Council because I am honored to be a part of the team supporting Hillary and the candidates supporting her,” said Wayne Holland, Former Chair of the Utah Democratic Party in Utah and DNC National Committeeman.
"I support Hillary Clinton because her policies are the most pro-family, period. She fights for parental leave, public education, clean air, and living wages. She has shown a vested interest in Utah and I am thrilled to be a part of the Victory Council to help get her elected, as well as Democrats down-ballot,” said Crystal Young-Otterstrom, Chair of the LDS Democrats.
"Many in our Utah Latino community are standing firmly behind Hillary Clinton and working for her victory in November. We know she will look out for the interests of our families, both those who have been citizens for many years and for those living and working here looking to create a better life,” said Josie Valdez, Democratic Activist and former Vice-Chair, Utah Democratic Party.
"I am honored to serve on Secretary Clinton’s Victory Council because it is important to elect a president with the temperament and experience to handle the complex issues facing our country and the world. I appreciate her lifetime of devotion to improving the lives of children and working families,” said Utah State Representative Patrice Arent and DNC National Committeewoman. 
"Hillary Clinton is the best prepared to serve our nation at this time of international uncertainty.  I'm excited to join the Victory Leaders Council and work to elect Democrats from this highest office down to our local leaders,” said Jenny Wilson, Salt Lake County Councilwoman.
Below is the Victory Leaders Council roster for Utah. Victory Leaders Councils are still in formation and additional members may be added on a rolling basis.
UTAH VICTORY LEADERS COUNCIL (in formation, additional members may be added)
Lisa Allcott
Patrice Arent
Brad Asay
Don Ball
Bruce Bastian
Ralph Becker
Jackie Biskupski
Jim Bradley
Brian Brenmer
Joel Briscoe
Cheryl Butler
Rebecca Chavez-Houck
Von Christensen
Weston Clark
Peter Corroon
Dale Cox
Barbara Curtis
Jim Dabakis
Gene Davis
Duane Dordeaux
Donald Dunn
Nicole Dunn
Stanley Ellington
David Fairhurst
Jesse Garcia
Christian Gardner
Kem Gardner
Kimberly Gardner Martin
Sheryl Ginsburg
Jim Gonzales
Terri Goodall
Sam Granato
Neil Hansen
Lynn Hemingway
Wayne Holland
Sandra Hollins
Kyle Hoyt
David Irvine
Jani Iwamoto
Pat Jones
Paula Julander
Nick Killpack
Brian King
Lauren Littlefield
Penny Llewelyn
Charlie Luke
Norma Matheson
Karen Mayne
Ben McAdams
Erin Mendenhall
Tom Meyer
Rudy Miera
Breanne Miller
Frida Moses
Rahul Mukherjee
Marie Poulson
Alison Romano
Ross Romero
Betty Sawyer
Pat Shea
Jandalynn Stelter
Jeff Stern
Lessig Stern
Marcus Stevenson
Charles Stormont
Daisy Thomas
Steve Thompson
Josie Valdez
Cristobal Villegas
Leah Weisgal
Blaze Wharton
Vincent Whickwar
Steve White
Sharon Williams
Jenny Wilson
Ted Wilson
Peggy Wilson
Brandon Wise
Evan Woods
Glenn Wright
Crystal Young-Otterstrom