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General Election Management/Coordinated Campaign >

447 Members of the DNC

...includes 75 at-large members who are nominated by the Chairman and approved by the full DNC.

Executive Committee

64 members; oversees affairs of the party in between meetings of the full committee and meets four times a year.

Standing Committees

Rules and Bylaws - Co-chairs: Jim Roosevelt (MA) and Lorraine Miller (TX)

Credentials - Co-chairs: Karen Carter Peterson (LA) and Andrés W. López (PR)

Resolutions - Co-Chairs: Jim Zogby (DC) and Hilda Solis (CA)

    Caucus and Council chairs and vice chairs:
Constituency caucuses: Black (Virgie Rollins-MI, Everett Ward-NC), Hispanic (Iris Martinez-IL, Andres Ramirez-NV), Women (Lottie Shackelford, Joyce Cusack, Jadine Neilson, Alex Gallardo-Rooker), LGBT (Earl Fowlkes-DC, Laura Calvo-OR), AAPI (Bel Leong-Hong, Jadine Neilsen).
    Regional caucuses: Eastern (Nancy DiNardo-CT, Gus Bickford-MA, Amanda Green Hawkins-PA), Midwest (Doug Brooks-MO, Dean Boerste-IN), Southern (Gilda Cobb Hunter-SC, Sally Rosser-GA, Darryl Sinkfield-AL), Western (Aleita Huguenin-CA, Carolyn Warner-AZ, Anthony Graves-CO).
    Councils: Youth (Jason Rae, Tori Taylor).     Seniors (Steve Regenstreif, Maria Cardone).     Native Americans (Rion Ramirez-WA).     Ethnic (Jim Zogby, Danica Oprnica).     Small Business (Andrew Lachman, Annette Taddeo-Goldstein).     Rural (Betty Richie-TX, Mike Gierau-ID).    Veterans & Military Families (Don Fowler, Jan Donatelli).   Labor (Acting Maria Elena Durazo).

Nine Elected Officers*

Ed. Note: The DNC experienced a major shake-up when Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz announced on July 24, 2016 she would resign after more than five years as head of the party.  The move followed WikiLeaks' release on the morning of July 22 of thousands of emails from top DNC officials which appeared to show that the party had not been neutral in the primary campaign.  Vice Chair of Voter Registration and Participation Donna Brazile assumed the role of Interim Chair.  Brazile announced departures of CEO Amy Dacey, Communications Director Luis Miranda and CFO Brad Marshall, brought on former Executive Director Tom McMahon to lead the transition, and announced General Election Chief of Staff Brandon Davis would assume an expanded role.  On Sept. 5, the DNC announced a number of key additions for its general election push.

*Chairman  Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

(announced April 5, 2011, elected May 4, 2011; re-elected Jan. 22, 2013; announced resignation on July 24, 2016)
Elected a DNC vice chair in Jan. 2009; also served as DCCC vice chair for incumbent retention in the 2010 cycle.  Elected to represent Florida's 20th CD (parts of Broward and Miami-Dade Counties) in Nov. 2004 ("first Jewish Congresswoman ever elected from Florida").  Member of the Florida Senate, 2000-04.  Member of the Florida House, 1992-2000 "youngest female legislator in Florida history").  Aide to U.S. Rep. Peter Deutsch, 1989-92.  Additional experience includes adjunct instructor at Broward Community College, NJDC staffer, lecturer at Nova Southeastern University and community and external affairs staff at Nova Southeastern University.  B.A. in political science, 1988, and M.A. in political science, 1990, from the University of Florida, 1988.  Originally from New York.  twitter

Chief of Staff  Tracie Pough

Chief of staff to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in her congressional office.  An advisor on education, budget and African American outreach in the office of House Democratic Whip, Nancy Pelosi, 2003-05.  Base vote director at the DCCC, 2002.  Southeast regional director and then state network director at the Center for Policy Alternatives.  Senior legislative analyst in the Florida Legislature.  Program administrator and management consultant with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.  M.P.A. from Florida State University; B.A. from Rollins College, 1992.  Jacksonville native.

Deputy Director  Kate Yglesias Houghton

Returned to this position in Feb. 2015 after serving as director of the DNC's Democratic Women's Alliance from March 2014-Feb. 2015.  Started as deputy director of the Chair's Office in May 2011.  Policy analyst and PAC coordinator at CDM Smith, Aug. 2010-April 2011.  Executive assistant and advisor to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Feb. 2009-Aug. 2010.  M.A. in public policy from George Mason University, 2008; B.A. in political science and government from Florida International University, 2006.  twitter

Director of Scheduling  Garret Bonosky

(Jan. 2015)  Deputy scheduler/office manager to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in her congressional office, June 2014-Jan. 2015.  Worked for Gov. Andrew Cuomo as senior staff assistant for federal policy (May 2013-June 2014), special office assistant for federal policy (June 2012-April 2013), executive assistant to the Special Counsel (Jan.-May 2012).  B.A. in CLEG from American University, 2012.

Senior Communications Advisor  Sean Bartlett

(announced Feb. 6, 2015)  Also communications director to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in her congressional office from Jan. 2014.  Senior communications officer with the UN Foundation, May 2011-Jan. 2014.  Americas regional editor at foreign policy digest, May 2010-May 2011.  Press secretary to U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, May 2009-May 2011.  Communications associate with Hildebrand Tewes, May 2008-March 2009.  Staff assistant to Sen. Byron Dorgan, July 2006-Aug. 2007.  Experience also includes interning in the office of Sen. Hillary Clinton, Jan.-May 2005.  Master’s degree from American University’s School of International Service, 2008; bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University, 2006.  twitter

*Interim Chairman  Donna Brazile

[Vice chair of Voter Registration and Participation]  Served as interim chair for the month following Tim Kaine's resignation, April 5-May 4, 2011.  Founder and managing director of Brazile & Associates LLC, a general consulting, grassroots advocacy, and training firm based in Washington, DC.  Chair of the DNC's Voting Rights Institute, established in 2001.  Worked on every presidential campaign from 1976 through 2000, when she served as campaign manager on Vice President Al Gore's campaign.  Adjunct professor and lecturer; author (autobiography Cooking with Grease: Stirring the Pots in American Politics); and frequent commentator.  Degree in psychology from Louisiana State University.  First campaign involvement at age 9 for a City Council candidate.  New Orleans native.  twitter

Senior Advisor for Progressive Outreach  Michael Lux

(announced Sept. 27, 2016)  Co-founder (2011) of Democracy Partners, a political consulting firm whose mission is building the progressive movement; and CEO of his own consulting firm, Mike Lux Media, since 1999.  Founded American Family Voices in 2000.  Senior vice president for political action at People For the American Way, and the PFAW Foundation in the late 1990’s.  Special Assistant to the President for Public Liaison in the Clinton White House, 1993-95.  National constituency director on the 1992 Clinton campaign.  Native of Lincoln, NE.  Author of The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be (Wiley, 2009).  twitter

Senior Advisor/GOTV Director  Donnie Fowler

(announced Sept. 27, 2016)  Vice president for business development at PredPol-Predictive Policing, Jan. 2012-Dec. 2015.  Founder and principal at Dogpatch Strategies, 2005-Dec. 2014.  Candidate for DNC chairman in 2005.  Has worked in 17 different states for nine presidential candidates since 1988.  Senior advisor in Indiana for Obama -Biden in 2008.  Michigan state director on Kerry-Edwards.  Briefly campaign manager of Gen. Wesley Clark's campaign, leaving abruptly after about three weeks; worked briefly on Dick Gephardt's Iowa caucus campaign.  Vice President of TechNet.  National field director for Al Gore's 2000 campaign starting in October 1999.  Special advisor to FCC Chairman William Kennard.  Worked in the White House offices of presidential personnel and legislative affairs.  Clinton/Gore '96 field director for the New Hampshire primary and state director for the Wyoming and West Virginia primaries.  Director of the Connecticut coordinated campaign; campaign manager for the 1994 Tenebaum for Lt. Gov. campaign in South Carolina.  Worked on the presidential campaigns of Jesse Jackson and Richard Gephardt in 1988.  A native of South Carolina, son of former DNC chair Don Fowler.  twitter

Senior Advisor  Tom McMahon

(announced Aug. 2, 2016 as transition director)  Partner at New Partners, a Washington D.C. based political and corporate consulting firm.  Executive director at the DNC under Howard Dean, 2005-09.  Previously executive director of Democracy for America.  Deputy campaign manager on Dean for America (announced May 22, 2003).  Worked in the Clinton Administration from 1993-99, serving as associate deputy director in Vice President Gore's scheduling and advance office, as a public affairs specialist at the Department of Defense, and as White House liaison at the United States Information Agency.  McMahon was involved in the Gore campaign in 2000, the Clinton campaign in 1996, and was a regional field director in Missouri for Clinton/Gore in 1992.  J.D. from the University of Iowa, 2002; bachelor's degree in political science with an emphasis in international relations from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1992.

Vice Chairs
*Maria Elena Durazo

(elected Jan. 22, 2013)  Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, elected May 2006 and re-elected in 2010, and an Executive Vice President of the national AFL-CIO Executive Council.  President of UNITE-HERE, Local 11, and in 2004 elected Executive Vice President of UNITE-HERE International (General Vice President of Immigration, Civil Rights and Diversity).  Law degree from the People’s College of Law in 1985; undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s College in Moraga.  Daughter of Mexican immigrant farm workers.  twitter

*U.S. Rep. Grace Meng

(elected Jan. 29, 2015, succeeding Rep. Tulsi Gabbard)  Represents New York's 6th CD (Queens), first elected in Nov. 2012.  Member of the New York Assembly, first elected in Nov. 2008.  Attorney.  J.D. from Yeshiva University, 2002; undergraduate degree from University of Michigan, 1997.  twitter

*Former Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak

(ratified Sept. 10, 2011)  Executive director of Generation Next, a partnership focusing on the education achievement gap in Minneapolis-St. Paul.  Elected Mayor in 2001 and re-elected in 2005 and 2009 serving to 2013.  Business consultant.  General manager of  Vice president of Internet Broadcast System.  Publisher of the Twin Cities Reader.  Director of development at the Downtown Council.  Reporter for the Minneapolis Tribune.  Graduate of Boston College, 1978.  (In 2007, Mayor Rybak was the first mayor of a major US city to endorse President Obama).  twitter

*Ray Buckley

[President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) [twitter, list], elected to a two-year term on Jan. 21, 2009; first openly gay person to serve in the position] Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, elected March 2007; previously served four terms as vice chair, and also four years as executive director and two cycles as New Hampshire Coordinated Campaign director. Served 18 years in the NH legislature. First volunteered on a campaign at age 8. Served as Tilton town chair for Ed Muskie at age 12, an organizer for Jimmy Carter's 1976 presidential campaign, and worked on the presidential campaigns of Mike Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry and Barack Obama.

Executive Director, ASDC  Julia Barnes

(announced Sept. 5, 2016)  National field director on Bernie 2016 from March 2016; started as the campaign's New Hampshire state director from Aug. 2015-Feb. 2016.  Previously executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party, started May 2012.  New Hampshire Coordinated Campaign field director, July-Nov. 2010.  State field director at Organizing for America - New Hampshire, Dec. 2009-Oct. 2011.  Policy and business analyst for Defined Business Solutions, Jan.-Nov. 2009.  Deputy field director for Gov. Jon Lynch's successful re-election campaign, June-Nov. 2008.  Special assistant for Citizen Services for Gov. Lynch, Jan.-June 2008.  Regional field coordinator in Hillsborough County for Joe Biden's NH primary campaign, May 2007-Jan. 2008.  Senior staff fellow at Wider Opportunities for Women, Jan. 2004-Dec. 2005.  B.A. in political science and women's studies from The George Washington University, 2005.  New England native.  twitter

Training Director, ASDC  Vanna Cure

(Feb. 18, 2015)  Legislative correspondent to Rep. Barrow, March 2013-Dec. 2014.  Field director on John Barrow for Congress, June 2012-Nov. 2014.  Deputy director for FieldWorks in Fort Collins, CO, Oct.-Nov. 2013.  Constituent services representative in Savannah for Rep. John Barrow (D-GA), Jan. 2011-June 2012.  M.B.A. in marketing (2010) and B.B.A. in marketing (2008) from Valdosta State University, 2008.

Operations Director  Bridget Hebbard   ...deployed to Michigan for GOTV operations, Oct.-Nov. 2016.

(July 2016)  Hebbard previously served as a compliance research associate (May 2015-June 2016) and started as Mame Reiley Fellow (Jan.-May 2015).  Field organizer in Boulder for the Colorado Democratic Party, June-Nov. 2014.  B.S. in international studies from University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013.

Senior Advisor, ASDC  Ann Fishman

Longtime ASDC executive director (from 1979) moved to senior advisor role effective April 15, 2013. 

Legal Counsel  Karl Sandstrom

Senior counsel at Perkins Coie.

*Treasurer  Andrew Tobias

(1999)  Author of a dozen books including three NYT national best-sellers (Fire and Ice: the Charles Revson/Revlon Story; The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need; Money Angles; Getting By On $100,000 a Year (And Other Sad Tales)).  His Managing Your Money software was the market leader.  Graduate of Harvard Business School.  While studying Slavic Languages and Literature at Harvard he ran the publishing business Let's Go: The Student Guide to Europe.

*Secretary  Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

(from Jan. 22, 2013 meeting)  Sworn in as mayor on Feb. 2010 and elected to a full term in Nov. 2011.  Elected to Baltimore City Council City in 1995 and served as Council President from Jan. 2007 to Feb. 2010.  J.D. from University of Maryland School of Law, 1995; B.A. in political science from Oberlin College, 1992. 

Director, Office of the Secretary  Julie Greene

(May 2014)  Previously at the AFL-CIO as deputy political director, assistant political director (Aug. 2011-May 2012) and campaign operation analyst (June 2007-Aug. 2011).  Account executive at MSHC Partners, June 2002-June 2007.

Deputy Director, Secretary's Office  Marvin Turner

(at the DNC from 2005)  Also does consulting as The M. Turner Group from 2000.  Campaign manager and field director at Grassroots Solutions, 2003-07.  Community relations liaison to Cong. Eleanor Holmes Norton, 2000-04.

*National Finance Chair  Henry R. Muñoz III

(from Jan. 22, 2013 meeting)  Chairman of the Board and Chief Creative Officer of Muñoz & Company, a design and management firm based in San Antonio, TX; previously CEO of Kell Muñoz Architects Inc..  A national co-chair of The Futuro Fund, part of Obama's re-election effort.  Served as transportation commissioner under Gov. Ann Richards.  twitter


On June 16, 2016 Hillary for America campaign manager Robby Mook introduced general election chief of staff Brandon Davis at DNC headquarters,  This is a typical step when there is not an incumbent running (+), often reported as the nominee "taking over" the DNC.  The DNC continued to operate much as before with HFA effectively in charge; the focus was on staffing up the Coordinated Campaign (Victory 2016) and the 291 Victory offices around the country.

General Election Chief of Staff  Brandon Davis

(started on June 16, 2016, reported by CNN's Jeff Zeleny)  National political director fot the SEIU; previously deputy national political director for member engagement, and started with SEIU in 2007 as political director for the union's Missouri State Council.  Political director and deputy campaign director on Claire McCaskill's 2006 U.S. Senate campaign.  Political director for the Missouri Democratic Party in 2005.  Political director on Gov. Bob Holden's 2004 U.S. Senate primary campaign.  Political director for the Missouri Democratic Party in 2003.  Double major in black studies and political science from University of Missouri-Columbia.  twitter

National Field Director  Adam Parkhomenko

Served as Hillary for America's DC director and as Maryland state director after serving as national director of grassroots engagement from the outset.  Co-founder (Jan. 2013) and co-chair/executive director of Ready for Hillary super PAC.  Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates in 47th District in the June 2009 primary.  From 2006-08, Parkhomenko served as executive aide for Friends of Hillary, HILLPAC, Hillary for Senate 2006, and the Hillary Clinton for President campaign.  In 2003, as a student at Northern Virginia Community College, Parkhomenko founded In 2009 he graduated from the DC Metropolitan Police Academy, and he served as a reserve law enforcement officer.  B.A. in criminology, law and society from George Mason University, Dec. 2014twitter
Victory Leaders Council Program (announced Sept. 1, 2016) GA, UT, AZ, TX

National Operations Director  Brandon Philipczyk

Served as operations director on Clinton's Nevada caucus campaign from June 2015-Feb. 2016.  Operations director for the Texas Democratic Party, May 2013-Feb. 2015.  Operations director at Organizing for America - Florida, April 2012-Jan. 2013.  Operations director at Organizing for America - Minnesota, Dec. 2011-April 2012.  Comptroller on Mark Dayton's campaign for governor of Minnesota, Sept.-Nov. 2010.  Operations director on Minnesotans for Matt (Etanza) gubernatorial campaign, Oct. 2009-Sept. 2010.  Deputy campaign manager on Tinklenberg for Congress (MN), Nov. 2007-March 2010.  B.S. in political science from North Dakota State University, 2003.


Chief Executive Officer  Amy Dacey   ...departure announced Aug. 2, 2016

(reported Oct. 31, 2013, started Jan. 2014)  Executive director of EMILY's List, announced June 4, 2010.  Director of government relations at Service Employees International Union.  National political director for Sen. John Kerry's Keeping America's Promise PAC, 2005-06.  During the fall 2004 presidential campaign, Dacey served as traveling political director to Sen. Kerry; during the primaries, she was a regional political coordinator for the Kerry campaign.  Deputy political director at the DSCC in the 2002 cycle.  State legislative program director for EMILY's List, 2001.  Deputy political director at the DCCC in the 2000 cycle.  Deputy chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Louis Slaughter (NY) and ran her successful 1998 re-election campaign.  Deputy campaign manager for U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey's (NY) 1996 re-election campaign.  Dacey's first position in Washington, DC was as a policy analyst and director of development for the National Foundation of Women Legislators.  Master's degree in political science from the American University, 1995; bachelor's degree in political science and history from the SUNY at Binghamton, 1993.  From Auburn, NY.  twitter

Senior Advisor-Interim  Doug Thornell

(announced Aug. 2, 2016)  Managing director at SKDKnickerbocker, with the firm from Feb. 2011.  Senior advisor to U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Jan. 2009-Jan. 2011.  Press secretary at the DCCC in the 2008 cycle.  Senior strategist at the LawMedia Group (LMG).  Advisor to the Maryland Democratic Party during the 2006 mid-term elections.  During the 2004 election cycle, Thornell served as traveling press secretary on Gov. Howard Dean’s presidential campaign and later as the deputy political director at the DSCC.  Communications director, speechwriter and spokesman for the Congressional Black Caucus.  Started his career on the Gore for President campaign in 2000.  B.A. in government from Cornell University, 1999.

Director of Voter Protection/Expansion  Pratt Wiley

(announced Oct. 23, 2013)  A national regional voter protection coordinator on Obama for America.  Attorney at Nutter, McClennan & Fish in Boston, Oct. 2006-May 2012.  Special assistant to the senior vice president for administration and finance at Lesley University, 2001-03.  Global Sales at Zentropy Partners, 2000.  401(k) representative at Fidelity Investments, Aug. 1998-Dec. 1999.  J.D. from Boston College Law School, 2006; B.S. in finance from Georgetown University, 1998. twitter

Deputy Director of Voter Expansion  Bobby Hoffman

(announced April 9, 2014)  Leadership roles in the voter expansion program in Virginia in 2012 and 2013. Worked on Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns.  Graduate of Valparaiso University Law School.


Chief Operating Officer  Lindsey Reynolds

(from March 2014, promoted from director of the Secretary's Office; started there in 2011)  Executive director of Democrats Abroad in the 2008 and 2010 cycles; also served as vice chair of the Association of State Executive Directors.  Executive director of the Democratic Party of Virginia in the 2004 cycle; joined the state party in March 2002 as finance director.  Finance director for Virginia's Joint Democratic Caucus starting in 2000.  She began her career in Virginia Democratic politics in 1998, as legislative assistant to Sen. Stanley C. Walker of Norfolk, then President pro tempore of the Virginia Senate. B.A. in political science from Virginia Wesleyan College, 1998.

Deputy COO  Christine Simpson

(2011; initally assistant COO)  Worked in the Office of the Virginia Secretary of Commerce during the Kaine and Warner administrations.  M.Phil in comparative politics from Oxford, 2010.  B.A. in government from College of William and Mary, 2005.


National Political Director  Brandon Neal

(from Jun 2016, announced Sept. 5, 2016)  Director of the Office of Small Business/Senior Advisor to the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Transportation, 2009.  Finance on Obama for America, 2007-08.  Director of external affairs (2006-07) and deputy political director (2005-06) at the Democratic Governors Association.  Worked in the National Youth and College Division at the NAACP, 2000-05.  M.P.A. from American University, 2008; undergraduate degree from Howard University.

Deputy Political Director and Director of State Party Programs  Maureen Garde

(promoted from deputy political director in March 2014)  Started Sept. 2005 and continued through 2006 cycle as deputy political director (State Party Services); interim political director in the first part of 2007.  Deputy executive director of the Democratic Governors' Association, 1999-2005.  Executive director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party in the early 1990s.  Graduate of Boston College.

Regional Political Directors

Ron Allen

(AJC reported on Sept. 1, 2016 that Allen is relocating to Georgia to help out there starting Sept. 5 through Nov. 8)  Per AJC regional political director in North Carolina during the 2012 re-election campaign.  Worked on Obama’s 2008 campaign in Georgia.  Graduate of Morehouse.

Jack Vickers

(Jan. 2016)  Political staff assistant (Sept. 2014-Jan. 2016) and political intern (May-Sept. 2014) at the DNC.  Master's degree in legislative affairs from The George Washington University, 2013; B.A. in history and politics from The University of Sheffield, 2012.

Ali Khan

(June 2014)  Campaign co-chairman and senior policy advisor on Mo Khan for State Rep., July 2013-May 2014.  Attorney at Khan Legal Solutions LLC, March 2013-March 2013.  Volunteer attorney at Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc., Dec. 2009-Jan. 2013.  Attorney at Schiff Hardin LLP, Sept. 2006-June 2008.  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2006; B.S. in finance from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2002.

Director, ASDC 

(see above)

Director of Community Engagement  Marilyn D. Davis

(Nov. 2015)  Previously deputy director of the Office of Public Engagement at the U.S. Department of Labor from April 2014-Nov. 2015.  Ran her own consulting firm Davis & Associates, LLC, July 2011-April 2014.  Consultant to the Obama for America campaign.  Director of constituency outreach for the 2012 Democratic National Convention Committee, Sept. 2011-Oct. 2012.  Chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Karen Bass (CA), Jan.-June 2011.  A national political representative for AFSCME, April-Dec. 2010.   Deputy chief of staff to Gov. Jon Corzine (NJ), Feb. 2009-Jan. 2010.  Deputy commissioner of labor for the state of New Jersey, March 2006-Feb. 2009.   Political action representative at AFSCME, Feb. 2003-March 2006.   On leave from AFSME served as executive director of Corzine Connection, May-Nov. 2005.  Political director on Victory Wisconsin 2004, July-Nov. 2004.  Deputy director (May 2002-Jan. 2003) and special projects manager (March 2001-May 2002) in the office of Sen. Jon Corzine.  Chief of staff to Assemblyman Neil Cohen, May 1997-Feb. 2001.  Legislative aide to U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, Aug. 1996-May 1997.  Special assistant/systems manager for U.S. Rep. Robert Torricelli, Jan. 1995-Aug. 1996.  B.A. in government and international studies from the University of South Carolina, 1994.  twitter

Director of Asian American and Pacific Islander Engagement and National Deputy Director of Community Engagement
Director of the Democratic Women's Alliance  Laila Mohib

[Democratic Women's Alliance is women's outreach effort launched in 2013]  Started at the DNC as AAPI engagement desk.  Program director at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies.  Contractor for Communications Workers of America.  Political coordinator for campaign services and trainings, and special assistant to the chief of staff at EMILY's List.  Staffer to U.S. Rep. Jim Davis, 2006.  Worked in the candidate recruitment department of Progressive Majority.  DNC's Office of Independent Expenditures.  M.A. in art history, connoisseurship and the history of the art market from Christie’s Education; undergraduate degree in social anthropology and art history from Sarah Lawrence College.

Director of LGBT Engagement  Sean Meloy

(April 15, 2015)  Issues campaign manager at Public Knowledge.  Campaign manager on Kristin Cabral's 2012 campaign for Congress agains U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (VA).  Public policy associate for the Association of Community College Trustees.  Former aide to U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle (PA), started as an intern in 2008, and served as a staff assistant and manager of Doyle's 2010 re-election.  Graduate of Penn State, and served as president of the College Democrats there.  From Pittsburgh.  twitter

Director of Jewish Engagement  Aaron Weinberg

(announced March 1, 2016)  Master’s degree from the Hornstein Program in Jewish Professional Leadership at Brandeis.  orked with the Obama campaign Jewish outreach team in the 2012 election.  Chicago native.

Deputy Engagement Director for Youth and Seniors  Miles Fernandez

(Nov. 2015)  Previously rural, seniors and small business deputy community engagement director (June-Nov. 2015) and special assistant to the Director of Community Engagement (July 2014-June 2015).  B.A. from University of Washington, 2013.

Director of Native American and Rural Engagement  PaaWee Rivera

(June 2015)  Government relations advisor at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Aug. 2013-June 2015.  B.A. in government from Dartmouth College, 2013.

Director of Veterans and Military Families Outreach   Jonathan Murray

Fulfilled the same role at Hillary for America from Oct. 2015.  Subject matter expert for IDS International from Aug. 2012.  Strategic partnerships advisor for UNOPS, Oct. 2014-July 2015.  Field program manager for USAID in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Nov. 2010-March 2012.  Director of advocacy/campaign manager for Operation Free national campaign at Truman National Security Project, Oct. 2009-Nov. 2010.  Campaign manager on Myers for Congress in Erie, PA, Jan.-April 2008.  Campaign manager on Oleszek for State Senate in Fairfax, VA, Jan.-Nov. 2007.  A regional field director on John Kerry for President in Gainesville, FL, July-Nov. 2004.  M.Sc. in diplomacy and international strategy from London School of Economics and Political Science, 2013.  B.A. in political science and government from University of Fllorida, 2003.  U.S. Marine Corps, Oct. 1997-Aug. 2001.  twitter

Director of Disability Outreach  Ted Jackson

(Sept. 1. 2016)  ADA and community engagement specialist for the 2016 Democratic National Convention Committee from June 2016.  Community organizing director for the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers, Dec. 2011-June 2016.  No on Prop. 8 regional field director, June-Sept. 2008; field organizer for Equality California, Jan.-June 2008.  Campaign manager for Leslie Ghiz, Aug.-Nov. 2007.  Western field consultant for Log Cabin Republicans, May-Sept. 2006.  Statewide campaign director fo Log Cabin Republicans Texas, Aug.-Nov. 2005.  Field director on Citizens To Restore Fairness/Campaign to Repeal Article XII, May 2003-Nov. 2004.  Professional theatre artist, Jan. 1987-June 2003.  Studied dramatic performance at the University of Cincinnati, 1994-96.

Senior Political Advisor for Progressive Engagement  Rania Batrice

(announced Sept. 5, 2016)  National director of surrogates on Bernie 2016 from Feb. 2016; started on the campaign in Sept. 2015 as Iowa communications director.  Worked on Desmond Adams for Congress in IA 3rd CD.  Iowa senior political advisor to former Sen. Jim Webb, March-May 2015.  Campaign manager on George Sinner for Congress (ND), May-Nov. 2014.  Communications director at the North Dakota Democratic-NPL, Sept. 2012-Aug. 2013.  Executive director at The Freedom Project/Abi Ferrin Inc, in Texas, 2010-12; executive director Innocence Project of Texas, 2010-11.  Campaign manager on Texans for Kinky, 2009-10; campaign manager at Texas Legends, 2009-10.  Campaign manager on Loebsack for Congress re-election, Feb.-Nov. 2008.  Deputy regional director/political director on John Edwards for President in Iowa, SC and OK, 2007-08.  Media consultant at Rindy Miller Media, 2006-07.  Field director on Gammage for Governor (TX), Dec. 2005-April 2006.  Instructor of Arabic, English, test prep, translator at Princeton Review, May-Nov. 2005.  B.A. in psychology and art from Austin College, 2003. Texas native.  twitter

Senior Political Advisor for External Affairs  Cynthia Jasso-Rotunno

(announced Sept. 5, 2016)  Senior advisor and director of government relations at the Democratic National Convention Committee from Jan. 2016.  Political director and deputy campaign manager on Leticia Van de Putte for Texas Lt. Governor, May-Nov. 2014.  Worked for USAID as senior advisor for the Center for Transformational Partnerships-U.S. Global Development Lab (June 2013-May 2014), communications and engagement director in the Office of Innovation & Development Alliances (June 2011-June 2013), and White House Liaison Office director (Aug. 2009-June 2011).  Principal for state/local government and multicultural affairs at Dewey Square Group, 2005-09.  Senior consultant at Issue Dynamics, Inc, Feb. 2004-Jan. 2005.  SW regional political director at the DNC, Sept.-Nov. 2004.  Deputy campaign director for constituency outreach and chief of staff for Hadassah Lieberman on the Lieberman for President campaign, Feb. 2003-Feb. 2004.  Worked in the campaign division at the DNC, 2001-02.  Special Assistant to the President and chief of staff for the Political Affairs Office at the White House, Jan. 1997-Jan. 2001.  Deputy director of government, business and community affairs for the 1997 PIC.  Public liaison deputy director on the Clinton/Gore campaign, June-Nov. 1996.  Worked in the campaign and base vote divisions and the chairman's office at the DNC 1994-96.  Scheduler to U.S. Rep. Bob Filne (CA-51), 1993-94.  National operations director LNESC at LULAC, 1990-93.  Legal assistant/investigator in the consumer protection division at the Texas Attorney General, 1989-90.  B.B.A. from the University of Texas-Pan American, 1983.

Senior Advisor for General Election Strategies  Anu Rangappa

(March 2015)  Principal at The Dewey Square Group from Sept. 2001.  Campaign staffer on Gore Lieberman campaign, March 1999-Dec. 2000.  Advance staff at The White House, Jan. 1997-March 1999.  B.A. in goverment from The College of William and Mary, 1996.


Communications Director  Luis Miranda  ...departure announced Aug. 2, 2016

(announced Sept. 17, 2015; started beginning of Oct.)  Co-founder and managing director of MDC Strategies.  Spokesperson and Director of Hispanic Media at the White House, 2009-13.  Deputy communications director and director of regional and specialty media at the DNC, Feb. 2005-Jan. 2009.  Deputy press secretary for the Kerry-Edwards campaign; started on Kerry's campaign early in the primary season, launching the campaign's internet operations and on-line communications strategy.  Miami-Dade field director for the 2000 Gore-Lieberman coordinated campaign in Florida, including on operations related to the Florida recount.  Has worked with organized labor at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Florida.  Research analyst at the DCCC.  B.A. in political science from Florida Atlantic University, 1999. twitter

Communications Director  Adam Hodge

(announced Sept. 5, 2016)  Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S.Department of the Treasury; started as spokesperson.  A regional press secretary at the DNC, Jan. 2012 to April 2013.  Southern regional press secretary at the DCCC, July 2011-Jan. 2012.  Press secretary in the Office of the Majority Whip, 2010-11.  Deputy press secretary on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  Assistant media buyer at Mundy Katowitz Media, Fall 2008.  Legal support, 2007-08; paralegal, 2006-07.  Electronic correspondent in the Office of Sen. Chris Dodd, 2004-06.  African American outreach director and field organizer on Friends of Chris Dodd, May-Nov. 2004.  Phone bank coordinator on the Gephardt for President campaign, 2004.  B.A. in government from Wesleyan University, 2004.  Virgin Islands native.  twitter

Deputy Communications Director  Eric Walker

(Feb. 2015...oversees regional and specialty communications)  Previously acting national press secretary and Western regional press secretary from April 2015.  Communications director to U.S. Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY), Jan. 2013-April 2015.  Communications director on Louise Slaughter for Congress, July-Nov. 2012.  Communications director to Assemblyman Rory Lancman/Lancman for Congress, Dec. 2011-June 2012.  Deputy chief editor for the Democratic Caucus in the New York State Assembly, Sept. 2010-Nov. 2011.  Campaign operative for the New York State Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee, Sept.-Nov. 2010.  Program assistant at the National Education Association, Sept. 2009-Sept. 2010.  Master's dgreee in political management (2010) and bachelor's degree in political communicaiton (2009) from The George Washington University.  twitter

National Press Secretary and Deputy Communications Director  Mark Paustenbach

(started beginning of Jan. 2016)  Manager of external relations at Promontory Financial Group.  Vice President at Millstein & Co., an investment management and financial advisory firm, from Nov. 2011.  Spokesman for the Office of Financial Stability and the Troubled Asset Relief Program at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.   Spokesman for the Federal Railroad Administration.  Assistant vice president at Rubenstein Communications in New York.  National press secretary for the Biden for President campaign, May 2007-Jan. 2008.  Deputy press secretary at the DNC, and previously worked in the research department starting in 2003.  Graduate degrees from the London School of Economics and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; B.A. in government from Colby College, 2001. twitter

Deputy National Press Secretary  Jose Aristimuño

(announced Sept. 5, 2016, and director of Hispanic media)  Director of specialty media at the U.S. Department of HHS from March 2016.  Deputy national press secretary and Hispanic media director on O'Malley for President, July 2015-2016.  Immigration reporter for ZGS Communications, Jan.-Dec. 2014.  Communications associate at Dewey Square Group, Jan. 2012-July 2014.  B.A. degree from American University's School of Public Affairs, 2012.  twitter

Deputy Director of Regional and Specialty Media  TJ Helmstetter 

(initially Midwest regional and director of LGBT media from July 2015)  Director of media relations/director of communications support at Progressive Change Campaign Committee, June 2014-June 2015. Director of communications at the Center for Popular Democracy, 2013-14.  Director of communications at Garden State Equality, 2013.  Deputy campaign manager on Rob Zerban for Congress (WI), Sept.-Nov. 2012.  Director of communications and digital strategy atthe Working Familiies Party in New York, Jan.-Dec. 2011.  Client manager at Blue State Digital, Dec. 2008-Nov. 2010. Communications director and deputy finance director on Shulman for Congress in New York, Feb.-Nov. 2008.  Program coordinator at Garden State Equality, June 2007-Feb. 2008.  twitter

Regional Press Secretaries

Northeast  Shu-Yen Wei

(Feb. 2016)  Press secretary on the Lousiana Democratic Party's Campaign for Louisiana., July-Dec. 2014.  Deputy press secretary on Friends of Doug Gansler, March-June 2014.  Outreach coordinator/press assistant in the U.S. Senate, Nov. 2012-March 2014.  I.E. political assistant at the DCCC, May-Nov. 2012.  Field director on Suzanne Lee for Boston City Council District 2, May-Nov. 2011.  A.B. in American studies from Wellesley College, 2011.  twitter

South  Deshundra Jefferson

(Feb. 2016 and director of African-American media)  Communications director to U.S. Rep. Terri A. Sewell (AL).  Press secretary to U.S. Rep. Eliot L. Engel (NY),  Jan.-Dec. 2014. Communications associate for New Virginia Majority, Jan. 2013-Jan. 2014.  Press secretary on Rob Zerban for Congress, Aug.-Nov. 2012.  Multimedia journalist for FOX 40 WDBD-TV in Jackson, MS, Jan. 2011-Jan. 2012.  News assistant at NY1 News, Jan.-Dec. 2010.   General assignment reporter/freelance writer, May 2005-Dec. 2010.  Associate producer at, March 2003-March 2005.  Studied political science and government at Colutmbia University in the City of New York.  twitter

West  Walter Garcia

(Feb. 2016)  Started at the DNC as a press assistant, April 2015-Feb. 2016.  Fellow at the U.S. State Department, Jan.-April 2015; fellow at the U.S. House of Representatives, Aug.-Dec. 2014.  B.A. in political science from Brown University.

Midwest  TJ Helmstetter

see above

Assistant Press Secretary  Rachel Palermo

(announced Sept. 5, 2016)  Started as press assistant in Sept. 2015. Worked at American Bridge 21st Century. B.A. from St. Olaf College, 2015.

Assistant Press Secretary  Jenna Price

(announced Sept. 5, 2016)  Started as press assistant.

Media Center Director  Mitch Malasky

(July 2014) Digital communications editor at the DCCC, Jan. 2013-June 2014.  Video editor at the DNC, June-Nov. 2012.  Owner/executive producer at Malasky Media LLC, March 2011-June 2012.  Operations director for Main Street Insider, March 2010-Feb. 2012.  Managing partner/executive producer at Sum of Change Productions, April 2009-March 2011.  Production assistant/editor at Zej Media, Sept. 2008-June 2009.  B.A. in technical theater, American culture studies, film from Washington University in St. Louis, 2008.

Radio and TV Booking 
Kandie Stroud

(announced Sept. 27, 2016)  Founder (2005) and president of Stroud Communications, a subsidiary of Stroud and Associates LLC, a communications and media strategy firm in Washington, DC.  National director of radio communications at the DNC, 1997-2005.  Covered every presidential campaign from 1968 to 1980.  Chief diplomatic correspondent for CNN, 1979-82.  Wrote for the New York Times and New York Times Magazine. National correspondent for Women’s Wear Daily for nine years.  Graduate degrees from the Sorbonne and University of Florence; B.A. in English literature, philosophy, theology from Boston College.  Author of How Jimmy Won: The Victory Campaign from Plains to the White House (William Morrow).

Debbie Berger

(announced Sept. 27, 2016)  Worked in London for 10 years as a communications consultant at Young Enterprise London, an independent communications adviser with The Assembly Marketing Firm,  a project manager for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals International Outreach Programme, nd for Freud communications London.  Director of media strategy at the Center for American Progress.  Booker/producer at CNN in Washington on several news programs including Crossfire and Burden of Proof.

On Feb. 6 and Mar. 30, and April 27, 2015 the DNC announced key people on its communications team, and following the July 2016 shakeup on Sept. 5.


Digital Director  Lindsay Holst

(announced Sept. 5, 2016)  Director of digital strategy for Vice President Joe Biden.  Director of online content at The White House from Sept. 2013.  Email product lead for Upworthy, March-Sept. 2013.  Deputy director of email at Obama for America, April 2011-Nov. 2012. Email strategist at the DNC, June 2010-April 2011.  Business development writer at OST, Inc. May 2009-June 2010.  Columnist/reporter with Northern Virginia Magazine, March 2007-June 2010.  Senior copywriter at MSHC Partners, Aug.-Nov. 2008.  Degree in journalism from Boston Univeristy, 2008.  twitter

Deputy Digital Director  Tessa Simonds

(May 2016; and digital organizing director from July 2015)  Digital director for the Texas Democratic Party, April 2013-June 2015.  Online campaigns manager at Free Press, Oct. 2009-April 2013.  Teaching fellow at the New Organizing Institute, Jan. 2012-Jan. 2013.  Field director on John Olver for Congress, June-Nov. 2008.  twitter

Art Director  Meena Yi

(May/June 2016)  Previously senior designer at the DNC.  Associate for Leica Camera.  Graduate studies in graphic design at the Maryland Institute College of Art; undergraduate studies at the Corcoran College of Art and Design.  twitter

Junior Designer  Eric Ziminsky

(Feb. 2016)  B.F.A. in graphic design from the Maryland Institute College of Art, 2016; A.A. in graphic design from Delaware College of Art and Design, 2013.

Senior Email Campaigner  Eric Reif

(Nov. 2013)  Senior digital strategist at Powell Tate, Feb.-Nov. 2013.  Senior digital strategist at Weber Shandwick, Feb.-Nov. 2013.  Senior digital advertising manager at Obama for America, Aug. 2011-Jan. 2013.  Account supervisor at Bully Pulpit Interactive, June 2010-Aug. 2011.  B.A. in history, American culture studies from Washington University in St. Louis, 2010.

Senior Email Campaigner  Sean Kornegay

(May 2014)  Field and message consultant on campaigns in Phoenix and Los Angeles, Feb.-April 2013.  Field organizer in Las Vegas on Organizing for America, Nevada State Democratic Party, May-Nov. 2012.  Paralegal specialist in the U.S. Army, Nov. 2008-Nov. 2011.  B.A. in English-Literature from North Carolina Central University, 2008.

Social Media Director  Cate Domino

(Aug. 2013; started as an email campaigner, then digital content manager)  M.S. in social policy from The University of Pennsylvania, 2013; B.A. in government, women's studies from The College of William and Mary, 2010. 

Digital Content Manager  Morgan Burke

(June 2015)  Digital organizer (May-Nov. 2012) and digital organizing intern (Jan.-May 2012) on Obama for America.  B.A. in political science, history from UNC at Chapel Hill, 2015. 

Digital Content Manager  Sonja Trierweiler

(June 2015)  Social media consultant to several authors, social media editor at Muftah Magazine, 2014-15.  Online media coordinator for Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, Jan. 2014-Feb. 2015.

Digital Writer  EJ Baker

(June 2015)  Speechwriting/research at West Wing Writers, Jan.-May 2015.  Graduate research associate at GWU, Aug. 2013-May 2015. Communications at EMILY's List, May-Dec. 2014.  Digital media at, Oct.-Nov. 2013.  Master's degree in political communication from The George Washington University, 2015; bachelor's degree in English, Cinema studies from University of Pennsylvania, 2010.

Digital Writer/Strategist and Digital Production Assistant  Rabiah Elisa

(Sept. 2015)  Digital media team member at the DCCC, June-Aug. 2015.  B.A. in political science and government from Spelman College, 2015.

Director of Video  Eddie Geller

(Aug. 2016; previously senior video producer, Oct. 2015-Aug. 2016)  Original video producer at Upworthy, April 2014-Oct. 2015.  Associate creative director at United Republic, May-Oct. 2013.  Writer/producer at Art Not War, June 2012-May 2013.  Producer/writer/comedian, May 2011-June 2012.  President and founder of the Open Source Democracy Foundation, a redditPAC, Nov. 2010-Nov. 2011.  Production assistant at NBC Universal, 2007-10.  B.A. in English from University of Florida.

Video Producer  Rachel Ann Velasquez

(Oct. 2015)  Founder, producer and director at Cloud Nine Creative/freelance in New York, May 2010-Oct. 2015.  B.F.A. from New York University, 2010.

Digital Assistant  Julie Thompson

(March 2016)  Special assistant to the Senate Minority Leader from Oct. 2015; digital communications specialist in the Michigan State Senate from Jan. 2015.  Field organizer for the Michigan Democratic Party, Sept.-Nov. 2014.  B.A. in English language and literature from Michigan State University, 2014.


Research Director  Lauren Dillon

(previously deputy research director; senior research associate, 2011-12; started at the DNC in 2009 as a research associate)  Correspondence and judicial appointments coordinator in the Office of Gov. Culver and Lt. Gov. Judge, 2006-09.  English teacher at Hebei Normal University 2005-06.  B.A. degrees in politics and psychology from Drake University, 2005.  twitter

Senior Research Supervisor  Chad Rivard

(May 2013)  Senior research associate at the PIC, Nov. 2012-Jan. 2013.  Senior research associate at the DNC, Feb.-Nov. 2012.  Intern at Obama for America, May 2011-Jan. 2012.  Regional field director on Susana Mendoza for City Clerk (Chicago), Jan.-Feb. 2011.  Field organizer for the Illinois Democratic Party, Fall 2010.  B.S. in history, political science from Illinois State University, 2010.

Research Associates


Technology Director  Andrew Brown

(April 2013; started at the DNC in Feb. 2013 as national data director)  COO (June 2012-Feb. 2013) and national project manager (March 2008-June 2012) at ISSI.  Iowa technology director on Hillary Clinton for President, March 2007-Jan. 2008.  Technology director at Tom Vilsack for President, Nov. 2006-March 2007.  Technology director for the Iowa Democratic Party, 2003-06.  Attended Iowa State University.

Director of Information Technology  Yared Tamene Wolde-Yohannes

(from March senior project manager for The MIS Department, Inc.; he joined MIS in Sept. 2009)  He has served in various roles at DePaul University including director of the McNair Scholars Program, adjunct faculty, student support services.  M.A. in math education from DePaul University, 2004; B.S. in pure mathematics, philosophy from DePaul University, 1998.

Data Services Director  Sam McCabe

(Oct. 2013; started as technology project manager in June 2013)  Technology project manager at Votes Voices Now, Feb.-June 2013.  National date manager at ISSI, July 2012-Jan. 2013.  Senior account manager at Aristotle International, Aug. 2011-July 2012.  Self-employed political strategist and pollster in Texas, 2005-2011.  Network specialst for ResCare Premier, Aug. 1999-May 2005. B.A. in philosophy from Texas State University-San Marcos, 2010.

Analytics Platform Administrator  Oliver Whitney

(July services manager, Aug. 2013-June 2016)  Administrator of the Labor Action Network (June 2010-Aug. 2013), material/data mobilization coordinator (Dec. 2008-June 2010) and assistant administrator of the Labor Action Network (May-Dec. 2008) at the AFL-CIO.  Director of on-water programs for the National Maritime Heritage Foundation, June 2005-May 2008.  B.A. in American Studies from Carleton College, 2005.

Data Services Manager  Jacob Winowich

(April 2014)  Executive director (March 2013-Jan. 2014), voter file manager (March 2012-March 2013) and field organizer (Aug.-Oct. 2011) at the Democratic Party of West Virginia.  Research director for the Democratic Party of New Mexico, Jan.-July 2011.  Assistant to the Mayor of Albuquerque, Jan. 2008-Dec. 2009.  M.P.A. from the University of New Mexico, 2010; bachelor's degree in government from New Mexico State University, 2007.

Data Acquisitions Manager and Polling Place Project Manager  Andrew Callahan

(acquisitions from Dec. 2015 and polling place from Sept. 2014)  Freelance political consultant, Jan. 2013-Sept. 2014.  Data and targeting director for the Baughman Company, June-Nov. 2012.  GOTV director on Ben Cardin for Senate, Feb.-June 2012.  Chief of staff to Maryland State Sen. Victor Ramirez, Jan.-Nov. 2011.  Targeting and data director on Derrick Leon Davis for County Council (Largo, MD), June-Sept. 2011. Legislative aide to Delegate Victor Ramirez, Jan. 2009-Dec. 2010.  Campaign manager on Victor Ramirez for Senate, April-Sept. 2010.  Deputy campaign manager on Jane Mitakides for Congress, June-Aug. 2008.  Studied at University of Maryland College Park.

Data Engineer  Jake Selby

(May 2015)  Started at the DNC as a data analyst, July 2014-May 2015.  Deputy data director (Jan.-July 2014) and data and analytics associate (Sept. 2013-Jan .2014) at 270 Strategies.  Intern at the DCCC, July-Sept. 2013.  Field organizer on Organizing for America in Virginia, July-Nov. 2012.  B.A. in philosophy from Virginia Commonwealth University., 2012.

Data Engineer  Keith Erskine

(July 2010)  Senior software engineer at Compact Solutions LLC in Chicago, July 2007-July 2010.  Principal consultant at Aspective Ltd in United Kingdom, May 2000-April 2007.  Senior software engineer at Raytheon Canada Ltd, May 1997-Feb. 2000.  Software engineer at Syseca, Nov. 1993-April 1997.

Data Scientist  Peter Casey

(July 2014)  Ph.D. in political science from Washington University in St. Louis, 2014; master's degree in international relations (2009) and bachelor's degree (2004) from Creighton University.

Director of Engineering  Michael Jensen

(Dec. 2015... started as a software engineer, Jan. 2014-Nov. 2015)  Lead developer at New Organizing Institute, July 2011-May 2014.  Software engineer at Salsa Labs, Inc. Jan.-July 2011.  Field organizer with the Iowa Democratic Party, June-Nov. 2010.  B.S. in computer science from Miami University, 2009.


Interim National Finance Director  Angelique Cannon-Harris

(reported by Politico on Aug. 27, 2016 succeeding Jordan Kaplan)  Comes to the DNC from her position as deputy national finance director for the Mid-Atlantic region ("super regional") on Hillary for America, where she has worked since the beginning of the campaign.  Finance director at the DSCC in the 2012 and 2014 cycles, announced Feb. 2011.  Director of major gifts at EMILY's List.  Development director for Third Way.  Finance director on Mark Warner's 2008 campaign for U.S. Senate; deputy finance director for Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC.  Worked on Patty Murray's 2004 re-election.  Finance director for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's 2002 campaign for governor of Maryland.  Western regional finance director at the DSCC in 1999.

Senior Advisor  Andrew Wright

(Jan. 2013)  Consultant at AWright Consulting from May 2009.  Started at DNC finance in Feb. 2005, and served as mid-Atlantic finance consultant to Obama for America/DNC, Jan. 2011-Nov. 2012.

Director of Data & Strategic Initiatives Daniel Parrish

(Aug. 2015)  Deputy New York Tri-State finance director (Oct. 2013-July 2015) and Deputy NW, SW and Mid-Atlantic finance director (March-Oct. 2013) at the DNC.  Finance assistant at the DNC, Sept.-Nov. 2012.  Deputy Convention Housing Director, May-Sept. 2012.  M.Mus. from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, 2011; B.M. from Eastman School of Music, 2010; B.A. in mathematics from University of Rochester, 2010.

Regionals include
PAC and Mid-Atlantic Finance Director  Alexandra Shapiro
Midwest, Florida and Georgia Finance Director  Clayton Cox

Director, Women's Leadership Forum  Claire Olszewski

(March 2013)  Midwest deputy finance director at Obama for America, May 2011-Nov. 2012, then same position for the Inaugural Committee.  Advance staffer (Jan.-March 2011) and scheduling and advance intern (Aug. 2010-Jan. 2011) in the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama.  Undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, 2010.

Director, African American Leadership Council  Aaron Carr

Worked in finance on Obama's 2012 campaign.  Recruiter for the Midtown Group.  Special assistant to Washington, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, 2008-11.  B.A. in public health from University of Maryland College Park, 2010.

Director, LGBT Leadership Council    

Finance Chief of Staff  Scott Comer

(April 2015)  Constituency engagement director on Anthony Brown for Governor, April-Nov. 2014.  Special assistant in the Office of Gov. Martin O'Malley, Dec. 2013-April 2014.  B.A. in History from University of Maryland College Park, 2013.

Deputy Chief of Staff for Finance  Alex Hoffman
(Mar. 2016)  Previously assistant to the finance chair (Jan. 2015-Mar. 20160, fnance assistant (Sept.-Dec. 2014) and finance intern (Jen.-Sept. 2014) at the DNC.  Studied political science and government at American University; was executive director (Dec. 2012-April 2013) and president (April 2013-April 2014) of AU College Democrats.


Marketing Director  Collin Ward

(Nov. 2014)  Senior director at Newport Creative Communications, July 2010-Nov. 2014.  Account supervisor at Epsilon, Jan. 2009-June 2010.  Senior account manager at DBM Group, Oct. 2006-Dec. 2008.  Marketing specialist at Ingram Micro, Jan. 2005-Oct. 2006.  Marketing and internal communications associate at ADP, Jan. 2003-Dec. 2004. M.A. in political communication from The Johns Hopkins University, 2012; B.A. in marketing from Azusa Pacific University, 2003.

Deputy Director of Marketing  Katja Greeson

(April 2015)  Previously DNC marketing manager (Nov. 2014-March 2015) and State Party Victory Fund coordinator (Jan.-Nov. 2014).  Development and finance at USAction, June-Dec. 2013.  Campaign manager on the Committee to Elect Van Duyn in Buncombe Co. NC, June-Nov. 2012.  Bachelor's degree in political science from University of North Carolina at Asheville, 2012.


Compliance Director  Alan Reed

(Jan. 2008) Previously worked as a consultant for LexisNexis specializing in public records research for non-profits, 2001-07. Deputy director of compliance at the DNC, 1996-2001. M.A. in international relations from University of Kentucky, 1994; B.A. double major in history and political science from Northern Kentucky University, 1992.

Deputy Compliance Director  Chelsea Cook

Also held this position in the 2008 cycle.

Deputy Compliance Director  Kevin Snowden

(Sept. 2008)  Organizer/compliance associate on the Hillary for President campaign.  Teller supervisor at BB&T, 2005-07.

FEC Reports Manager  Jessica TeSelle

(Aug. 2011)  Comptroller at Gillibrand for Senate from April 2009.  Compliance director on John Edwards for President, 2007-09.  Compliance director on Cantwell 2006.  B.A. in political science from University of Washington, 2005.


Chief Financial Officer  Brad Marshall ...departure announced Aug. 2, 2016

CFO at the DNC since 1992. Previously he worked for a decade as a CPA in Lexington, KY, 1982-92. Financial vice president and controller for Melco Construction in London, KY, 1980-82. Senior manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Lexington, 1978-80. Staff accountant at Deloitte & Touche in Lexington, 1976-78. Bachelor's degree in accounting from Morehead State University in Morehead, KY.

Interim CFO  Charles Olivier

(announced Sept. 5, 2016)  Deputy CFO and controller on Hillary for America from April 2015.  Chief operating officer at Smoot Tewes Group from June 2013.  Senior accountant (May 2012-May 2013) and staff accountant (June 2011-May 2012) at Obama for America.  B.A. in accountancy, business administration from University of Illinois, 2011.

Executive Assistant to the CFO  Molly Sullivan

(Aug. 2014)  Bachelor's degree in international affairs from The George Washington University, 2014.

Controller  Manisha Patel, CPA

(Aug. 2010)  Senior assurance associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2006-10.  Master's in accounting and BSBA/BSIS from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Senior Accountant  Norine Reingold

(Nov. 2009)  Controller on SEIU/2008 presidential campaign, Oct. 2007-Aug. 2008.  M.S. in accounting from American University, 1987; B.A. in international affairs from The George Washington University, 1979.

Staff Accountant  Zain Abdullah, CPA 

(Mar. 2015)  B.S. in financial economics from University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2011.

Technical Financial Manager  Matt Johnson


Director of Human Resources  Kristele Pyles

(April 2015)  Previously associate director of human resource from Sept. 2010.  Studied at Hampton University.

Benefits and Payroll Manager  Sera Lee

(June 2016)  Previously human resources administrator (June 2015-June 2016) and human resources associate (Sept. 2014-June 2015).  Export documentation associate for Hanjin Shipping, Jan. 2013-June 2014.  B.B.A. from Georgia State University-J. Mack Robinson College of Business, 2012.

Chief Diversity Officer  Greg Hinton

(announced Oct. 17, 2011; shared with DCCC)  Comes to the DNC from position as chief diversity officer of U.S. Cellular; started at U.S. Cellular in 2002 as senior director of talent strategies and diversity.  Director of global sourcing at Abbott Laboratories, 1997-2002.


Director of Party Affairs  Patrice Taylor

Deputy director in the 2008 cycle; started with Party Affairs in June 2006 after working in the Research Department since September 2005. Previously worked in Gov. Mark Warner's office and in Rep. Bobby Scott (VA)'s office.

Special Assistant  Alecia Dyer

(started with Party Affairs in Feb. 2005)  At the DNC since February 2001.

Deputy Director of Party Affairs  Courtney Federico
Started at the DNC as special assistant to the CEO from Jan. 2014-June 2015.  Assistant to the executive director at EMILY's List, June-Dec. 2013.  Public engagement intern at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Jan.-May 2013.  Field organizer in Nashua, NH for Organizing for America, Aug.-Nov. 2012; started as an Organizing Fellow in Boston in the summer.  B.A. in international relations from Boston University, 2012.