Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016

Contact: DNC Press


Democrats Are Building Infrastructure to Expand the Electoral Map This Cycle and Beyond; Texas Announcement follows Utah, Georgia, and Arizona

Earlier this month, the Democratic National Committee launched its state-based Victory Leaders Council (VLC) program. Today, Texas becomes the fourth state program, following Georgia, Utah, and Arizona. Councils will exist in red and blue states that have not been contested in recent presidential elections. The goal of the councils is to help elect Hillary Clinton and win down ballot elections this cycle and beyond.
Each Victory Leaders Council will include prominent individuals and elected officials but depend on grassroots activists who put elbow grease into electing Democrats up and down the ballot. They will expand our ground capacity in each state, helping to deliver votes and volunteers to Hillary Clinton and down-ballot Democrats at every level of the ticket. These structures will live on beyond Election Day to help Democrats win in mid-term elections, flip Republican majorities, and to help President Hillary Clinton enact her policy agenda.
Victory Leaders Councils will be volunteer-led and driven but will work closely with each Hillary For America state director as well as the executive directors and chairs of each state party. The VLC program will be overseen by the Democratic National Committee’s field team and each VLC leader will have a designated liaison at the DNC. Victory Leaders Councils will not only keep stakeholders engaged through regular meetings but will also organize door-to-door canvasses, phone banks, and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts in each state.
“We are committed to winning up and down the ticket from the White House to the state houses,” said Donna Brazile, interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. “We are building on the momentum of our hugely successful convention, where we passed the most progressive platform in history that would do the most good for the most families. There is a stark choice for voters to make in this election, and Democrats have a historic opportunity and responsibility to help voters see that choice clearly. The Victory Leaders Councils are one more way that Democrats are investing in all 50 states.” 
“Democrats are competing across the country and building for the future,” said Brandon Davis, Chief of Staff at the Democratic National Committee. “In states from Georgia to Texas, demographics and politics are changing quickly -- and Democrats are making the investments to make gains now so that we can take majorities later. We are mobilizing voters across the country to elect more Democrats and to deliver on the policies being driven by the Clinton-Kaine ticket and Democrats at every level of the ballot. In the meantime, the Republicans are pursuing outdated policies that have failed hard working families and our communities.”
Adam Parkhomenko, the DNC’s National Field Director, will be overseeing the Victory Leaders Council program at the DNC.
"I am so excited to be part of this effort and help launch the Victory Leaders Council to make sure Hillary and Democrats up and down the ballot will be victorious in November. Our country is at a crossroads in this election and electing Hillary Clinton and other Democrats will help secure the promise of America," said Representative Sheila Jackson Lee.
"The future of our nation depends on each and every one of us working together to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton. That is why the work of Hillary's Texas Victory Leadership Council is so important. Every vote counts, and each Texas community leader has a responsibility to serve and talk to their communities about the importance of this election," said Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa.
“The Victory Leaders Council is a step up, in that the program specifically looks to improve chances for candidates up and down the ballot in 'red' states, including Texas. This approach is an important step in ensuring that all Democrats are fully part of the party's national program," said John Patrick, Texas AFL-CIO President.
“I am excited to see that once again the DNC is working hard to ensure that anyone who wants to be part of the process has the tools and resources to have their voices heard,” said Aisha McClendon.
"I am excited that the DNC, like our State Party and County Parties, is working to give Texas grassroots volunteers the resources and tools that we need to make a difference," said Elliot Johnson, Grassroots Activist.
"Political parties are strongest when local elections are prioritized. I look forward to working with the Council to improve the lives of every Texan and to turn Texas blue," said Vince Harding, Travis County Democratic Chair.
“I was inspired by Hillary’s candidacy to do something big here in Austin – because Hillary’s candidacy is big for America. The Victory Leaders Council will do something big for Texas both at the top of the ticket and down ballot,” said Leslie Pool, City of Austin Councilmember.
“This election is potentially the most important of our generation, not only because we have the opportunity to elect our first female president, but because we are going to choose the path that our country will follow for the next four--possibly eight--years. And it's our job as the Democratic Party to ensure that voters in our community understand the importance of voting and participating in the democratic process. If we work together, I have no doubt that we can turn Texas blue!” said Iliana Holguin, El Paso Democratic Party Chair. 
Below is the Victory Leaders Council roster for Texas. Victory Leaders Councils are still in formation and additional members may be added on a rolling basis.

TEXAS VICTORY LEADERS COUNCIL (in formation, additional members may be added)


Steve Adler

Leonard Aguilar

Joe Aldarete

Kebran Alexander

Alma Allen

Laura Allen

Monica Alonzo

Roberto Alonzo

Eric Alva

Carol Alvarado

Jessica Anacker

Rafael Anchia

Matt Angle

Frank Archuleta

Diana Arevalo

Becky Arredondo

Linda Autrey

Linda Baca

Judy Baker

Sharon Barbosa-Crain

Ben Barnes

Gonzalo Barrientos

Tawna Beck-Davis

Chris Bell

Kyle Benson

Diego Bernal

Hector Bernal

Cesar Blanco

John Bland

Dwight Boykins

Todd Bradley

Zach Brigham

Jay Brim

Valeria Bristol

Chris Brown

Linda Brown

John Bucy

Linda Burgess

Cecelia Burke

Lon Burnam

Jara Butler

Darcy Cabellero

Nelda Calhoun

Tommy Calvert

Terry Canales

Noel Candelaria

Zephaniah Capo

Frank Carlson

Erica Lee Carter

Maria Isela Castanon Williams

Patricia Hayden Castella

John Castillo

Joaquin Castro

Alicia Chacón

Ramon Chapa III

Ramon Chapa Jr

Linda Chavez-Thompson

Nicholas Chu

Henry Cisneros

Margot Clarke

Rick Cofer

Ellen Cohen

Sheryl Cole

Garnet Coleman

Cathy Collier

Mike Collier

Nicole Collier

Gene Collins

Cecily Cox

Lloyd Criss

Nyssa Cruz

Henry Cuellar

Debra Danburg

Davis Darusman

Yvonne Davis

Alicia de Jong Davis

Carl Davis

James Davis

Jerry Davis

Sharon Davis

Wendy Davis

Sergio De Leon

Nora Dearing

Alicia Del Rio

Dalila Delgado-Aguilar

Philip DeNicolo

Almeda Dent

Joe Deshotel

Rick Diegel

George Dillingham

Lloyd Doggett

Laura Dominguez

Dawnna Dukes

Bobbie Duncan

Pam Durham

AJ Durrani

Harold Dutton

Sarah Eckhardt

Amanda Edwards

Harryette Ehrhardt

Rosa Elkins

Rodney Ellis

Juneau Embry

Veronica Escobar

Jaime Esparza

Frank Estrada

Joe Farias

Jennifer Farmer

Jessica Christina Farrar

Kyle Ferari

Cindy Flint

Lulu Flores

Kimberly Frederick

Pete Gallego

Anna Maria Garcia

Chente Garcia

Emmanuel Garcia

Henry Garcia

Manny Garcia

Mary Garcia

Ramon Garcia

Sylvia Garcia

Montserrat Garibay

Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux

Delia Garza

Kathryn Garza

Luciano Garza

Suzan Gentry

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins

Helen Giddings

Kim Gilby

JD Gins

Margaret Gomez

Ed Gonzalez

Irma Yolanda Gonzalez

Mary Gonzalez

Saul Gonzalez

Jackie Goodman

Randolph Goodman

Andy Govea

Nora Govea

Coretta Graham

Al Green

Gene Green

Larry Green

Ronald Green

Sherri Greenberg

Rodney Griffin

David Griggs

Jorge Luis Guerra

Rene Guerra

Roberto Guerra

Ryan Guillen

Carol Guthrie

Baldemar Gutierrez

Yvonne Gutierrez

Craig Hall

Kathryn Hall

LaTreshia Hamilton

William Hamilton

Mary Ellen Hamm

Jennifer Harader

Vincent Harding

Tammie Hartgroves

Syed Hassan

Mary Hatfield

Jeremy Hendricks

Lyn Hendricks

Marc Hendrickson

Grace Hernandez

Sally Hernandez

Yvette Hernandez

Abel Herrero

Ann Heuberger

Gilberto Hinojosa

Juan Hinojosa

Regina Hinojosa

Rubén Hinojosa

Kat Hoang

Jean Hobby

Jared Hockema

Eduardo Holguin

Iliana Holguin

Donna Howard

Steve Huerta

Sarwat Husain

Kristie Husmann

Betty Hwang

Debbie Ingalsby

Celia Israel

Dock Jackson

Sheila Jackson-Lee

Clay Jenkins

Alfredo Jimenez

Eddie Bernice Johnson

Elliot Johnson

Eric Johnson

Clara Jones

Tim Juarez

Debbie Kastrin

Shelley Kennedy

Marti Kennedy PHD

Nishan Khan

Ann Kitchen

Robert Krueger

Shirley Layton

Sheila Lee

Jennie Lou Leeder

Carlos Leon

Judy Leunes

Ronald Levick

Rick Levy

Jacob Limon

Lily Limón

Emma Lou Linn

Gary Livingston

Mary Bell Lockhart

Oscar Longoria

Andres Lopez

Carisa Lopez

Rick Lord

Anne Marie Love

Annette LoVoi

Terry Lowry

John Loza

Eduardo Lucio III

Mary Luckey

Ana Hernandez Luna

Vilma Luna

Neto Madrigal

Molly Beth Malcolm

Louis Malfaro

Mike Mankins

Marisa Marquez

Jack Martin

Patsy Woods Martin

Armando Martinez

Trey Martinez Fischer

Sherrie Matula

Garry Mauro

Glen Maxey

Aisha McClendon

Donna Beth McCormick

Duane McCune

Patrick McGehearty

Michael McPhail

Virginia McRae

Nan McRaven

Amber Medina

Manuel Medina

Adam Medrano Medrano

Carlos Medrano

Margie Medrano

Pauline Medrano

Christopher Melton

Carlos Mendoza

Jose Menendez

Sherry Merfish

Choco Meza

Borris Miles

Lorraine Miller

Ina Minjarez

Destiny Molina

Joseph Moody

Anthony Morales

Gloria Moreno

Celia Morgan

Laura Morrison

Amber Mostyn

Steve Mostyn

Olga Moya

Richard Moya

Sergio Munoz

Henry Muñoz III

Elliott Naishtat

Katie Mary Naranjo

Omar Narvaez

George Nassar

Meta Jo Neal

Mary Ann Neely

Elizabeth Nelson

Piper Stege Nelson

Demetria Nelson-McNaulty

Alfonso Poncho Nevarez

Kiefer O'Dell

Beto O'Rourke

John Oeffinger

Elias Olivarez

René Oliveira

Lyndon Olson

Marco Orrantia

Roy Owens

Sylvia Palumbo

Jovita Pardo

Annise Parker

John Patrick

Leah Payne

Javier Aaron Paz

Danielle Jessica Pellett

Justin Perez

Mary Ann Perez

Rodolfo Perez

Crystal Kay Perkins

Janis Pinnelli

Joe Pinnelli

Leslie Pool

Steven Price

Velva Price

Arthur Pronin

Mike Purcell

Gordon Quan

Renee Rabb

Samina Rahman

Bede Ramcharan

Jen Ramos

Richard Raymond

Salvador Rene Lujan

Luis Reyes

Thelma Reyna

Ron Reynolds

Jeffrey Richard

Betty Richie

Carolyn Riggs

Susan Ritter

Carl L. Robinson

José Rodriguez

Eddie Rodriguez

Gloria Rodriguez

Johnny Rodriguez

Justin Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez

Ramon Romero, Jr.

Larry Romo

Toni Rose

David Rosen

Barbara Rosenberg

Katherine Sabers McGovern

Rene Saenz

Rose Salas

Javier Salazar

Rey Saldaña

Diana Salgado

Claudia Sanchez

Mary Sandoval

Lillie Schechter

Arthur Schechter

Mary Taylor Scherz

Chip Serrano

Eliot Shapleigh

Susan Shelton

Bob Slagle

Pattie Slovacek

Charlie Smith

Jason Smith

Joy Smith

Michael Smith

Tracy Smith

Mike Snipes

Jan Soifer

Miguel Solis

Jackie Soliz-Chapa

Karen Sonleitner

Lenora Sorola-Pohlman

Guadalupe Sosa

Dennis Speight

Chris Spellman

Roy Spence

Meghan Stabler

Jeff Strater

Marvin Sutton

Jean Taylor

Dennis Teal

Daniel Tejada

Ruben Tejeda

Lauren Tenney

Senfronia Thompson

Lisa Thompson

Tariq Thowfeek

Ben Tibbs

Rachael Torres

Kathie Tovo

Judy Trabulsi

Andre Treiber

Tiana Trejo

Mark Trevino

Noel Tristan

Chris Turner

Lawson Turner

Albert Uresti

Carlos Uresti

Lupe Valdez

Genevieve Van Cleve

Leticia Van de Putte

Robert Vargas

Celina Vasquez

Marc Veasey

Filemon Vela Jr.

Vik Verma

Rebecca Viagran

Rudy Villalpando

Jose Villarreal

Melody Vincent

Hubert Vo

Vickie Vogel

Yasmin Wagner

Eddie Walker

Nate Walker

Armando Walle

Alan Warrick II

Kirk Watson

Lou Weaver

John Weir

Rosalie Weisfeld

Jack Weiss

Royce West

Karen Wheaton

Carol Wheeler

James White

Bill White

John Whitmire

Evelyn Wicks

Donald Williams

Kasha Williams

Kenneth Williams

Nancy Williams

Stuart Williams

Egberto Willies

Prince Winbush

Eli Winkelman

Perry Winn

Norma Jean Witherspoon

Lynn Wolfe

Ashton Woods

Phyllis Kay Wright

Gene Wu

Shay Wyrick-Cathey

Larry Yawn

Jesse Ybanez

Sandra Young