December 5, 2016
Contact: Matt Roberts, Director of Communications

Secretary of State, AG and Chief Justice certify results

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan today issued the official canvass of results for the 2016 General Election.  The Secretary was joined by Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Chief Justice Scott Bales for the formal certification.

Secretary Reagan reported 2.6 million Arizonans voted in the general election, making it the highest number of ballots cast in state history.  While there were a historic number of votes, turnout was about average at 74% ranking 6th highest in Arizona history.

1.       1980       -    80.1%        Reagan - Carter
2.       2008       -    77.7%        Obama - McCain
3.       1992       -    77.2%        Clinton - Bush
4.       2004       -    77.1%        Bush - Kerry
5.       2012       -    74.4%        Obama - Romney
6.       2016       -    74.2%        Trump - Clinton

Demographically, women made up 55% of Arizona’s electorate while 18-24 year olds made up 6%.  The average age of the Arizona voter is 55.

Early balloting continues to grow and the rising number of provisional ballots has finally been stopped.  The general election saw 73% of the electorate vote by early ballot, up from 54% in 2012.  While the number of early voters continues to increase, the issuance of provisional ballots declined by 80,000 since the 2012 general election.

“The reduction of provisional ballots is extremely good news, as it shows us our voter education efforts are working,” said Secretary Reagan.  “In the last three presidential elections, the issuance of provisional ballots had increased every year.  This particular election seems to indicate a new positive trend and I hope it continues.

“Running four statewide elections this year was extremely challenging for election administrators around the state.  Some things went well, and we uncovered a number of things we’d like to improve.  Finally, I’d like to thank our counties for their diligence to process and tabulate ballots as efficiently as they do.  While we will continue to explore options to get to results faster, we will always prioritize accuracy over expediency.”

October 28, 2016
Contact: Matt Roberts, Director of Communications

Voter registration increases by 187k in just over 2 months

Secretary of State Michele Reagan has announced the latest voter registration figures and the number of registrants in Arizona have soared by 187,855 to nearly 3.6 million active voters.  It was the largest report-to-report increase since the 2008 General Election which jumped 230,989.

Of the state's 3,588,466 voters, 1,239,614 are Republicans, 1,091,323 are Democrats and 1,219,277 have not designated an officially recognized party preference.  Libertarians and members of the Green party make up a little less than one percent of the state’s total registration.

“I was thrilled to see the number of registered voters increase this much,” said Secretary Reagan.  “The level of interest in this election is extremely high and it looks as if that passion has translated into people registering to vote at a high rate.  We also hope to add an additional 2,069 potential voters if the court allows those who registered after the statutory deadline to be added to the rolls.

“Now we shift gears to encourage people to return their early ballot or locate their polling place as soon as they can.  Our dedicated election website Arizona.Vote has information on the candidates and ballot measures facing voters.  Plus, they can verify when their ballot was received and counted.  As always, early voters can avoid lines at the polls by simply returning their ballot the same way they received it by using the postage paid envelope and sending it back in the mail no later than November 1.

“As a reminder, polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and if voters would like to drop off their early ballot in person, they can do so at any polling place in their county.”

The latest voter registration figures compiled by county, congressional district and legislative district are available on or by calling 1-877-THE-VOTE.

October 11, 2016
Contact: Matt Roberts, Director of Communications

Secretary Reagan provides unofficial snapshot of statewide voter registration

Current numbers indicate increase of 119K

With just 27 days until the 2016 General Election, Arizona’s Secretary of State Michele Reagan has announced the unofficial voter registration totals before the detailed Voter Registration Report is issued later this month.

Since the last report on August 22, statewide voter registration has increased by 119,270 with all recognized parties enjoying an increase in membership.  The Democratic Party increased 35,564, Republicans rose 30,671, Libertarians 1,744 and the Green Party added 431.  The state’s so-called “independents” or those who have not designated a recognized party also grew by 50,860.

“It’s great to see so many people register to vote for such an important election,” said Secretary Reagan.  “While the official number will be announced in a few weeks, it’s wonderful to see this level of interest.  Our website www.Arizona.Vote experienced more than 23,000 visitors since late September.  Yesterday alone, we had more than 9,000 visits to the site.  With so many people talking about year’s election it seems people are really energized to participate.

“Our focus now shifts from registration to participation.  Early ballots go out tomorrow, October 12 and voters can begin casting their ballot at early voting sites within their county around the state.  For those who are not a part of the Permanent Early Voter List, each County has begun accepting requests for an early ballot to be sent to a voter’s home.  We encourage voters to return their early ballot as soon as they can via the U.S. Postal Service.  We recommend no later than a week before the election to be sure it will be received by Tuesday, November 8.  Ballots received after Election Day will not be counted.  Voters can find information about the election, candidates and ballot measures onwww.Arizona.Vote.

The final registration report with detailed registration information from each county will be issued shortly before the election.

Arizona Democratic Party
August 22, 2016


Today, Secretary of State Michele Reagan released the latest voter registration numbers, and it shows promise for Arizona Democrats. Since the beginning of the year, more Arizonans have flocked to the Democratic Party.

January 2016 Report - Democrats 917,411 - Republicans 1,105,521

August 2016 Report - Democrats 1,019,050 (+101,639) - Republicans 1,185,023 (+79,502)

With over 130 staffers out in the field, Arizona Democrats have outworked Republicans by registering 22,137 more voters.

Statement from Arizona Democratic Party Chair Alexis Tameron:

“This election cycle, the Arizona Democratic Party has been focused on building a long sustaining infrastructure not only for this election but for the future. As we look for long-term success, we’re thrilled about the short-term accomplishments. Today’s numbers release is a testament to the hard work of our staffers and volunteers.

“The fact of the matter is even as we build the party for future successes, and voter registration numbers continue to grow, we remain highly competitive in many of Arizona’s races. This year, we have an opportunity to help elect Ann Kirkpatrick to the U.S. Senate, and help Hillary Clinton garner Arizona’s 11 electoral votes, something many would’ve considered unthinkable months ago.

“While our work is not yet complete, we will continue to ride this momentum to November.”