Our American Revival believes that the government closest to the people is the most responsive and accountable to the people. We share the vision of our founders – that the powers of the federal government should be limited to those specified in the Constitution, and that federal overreach infringes on our American freedoms and values.

We will work with citizens and leaders across the country to promote policies that restore power to the states and their people. We will help lead a revival of the values that make our nation great, by highlighting ideas and policies that protect our shared American values while limiting the size and scope of government.

Our American Revival is already beginning in states across the nation, led by everyday Americans and their elected officials, who believe in the wisdom of our founders, and in the powerful example they set – one of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

The largest drivers of state budgets are Medicaid and welfare, education and personnel expenditures. But far too often, states have their hands tied by federal government overreach and micromanagement that blocks common sense solutions and reforms.

Our American Revival will focus on reforms that will take control from the federal government and big government special interests and give it back to hard-working taxpayers.

We will highlight the ideas and solutions coming from the states that would help Americans move from dependence on government to the independence and dignity that comes from work.
We will showcase successes and proposals that will help assure that every child in our nation has access to a great education.

And we will help put power back in the hands of the taxpayers by taking on the big government union bosses through collective bargaining and pension reforms.

Join us as we begin Our American Revival!