Huckabee for President

"Thanksgiving" +

:30 ad run on NBC from Nov. 27, 2015.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee
:  This Thanksgiving weekend let's not just focus on food and football, but on what makes our country exception -- faith and freedom.

But let's not forget when the President of France was securing his borders and declaring war on Islamic jihadists, our president demanded open borders, declared war on Republicans, and lectured us on what being a Christian means.

I'll never apologize for America.  I'll make our enemies sorry they ever attacked us. 

I'm Mike Huckabee and I approve this message.

Notes The campaign's first ad addresses ISIS with a substantial dig at President Obama.  Compare Gilmore, Kasich.  The ad is a result of an agreement between several of the Republican campaigns and NBC  after the campaigns requested equal time following Donald Trump's Nov. 8, 2015 appearance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live."  (PDFs):  Graham  |  Huckabee  |  Kasich  |  Pataki

The campaign press release...

 Gilmore commercial warning about terrorism begins airing on NBC

Richmond, VA -- Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore today began airing a television spot on stations in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa as a result of an agreement with NBC that came about after the network gave free television time to Donald Trump when he appeared as a host Saturday Night Live earlier this month.
Gilmore states in the ad: "We can’t trust our safety to Washington politicians--- or inexperienced amateurs. I was in Army Intelligence, chairman of a terrorism commission that warned about a possible attack before nine eleven.  And. Governor during 9/11.  I’m not a Washington politician or an amateur.  As President I will defeat ISIS.  And, keep
you safe. "

"This is about fairness," said Gilmore, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.  "NBC allowed Trump to appear in a non-news setting and that is a violation of the fairness doctrine where other candidates are concerned.  I am grateful to NBC for recognizing their responsibility and providing us the time to air our important message
about the terrorism threat facing America."
Trump appeared on Saturday Night Live for 12 minutes and 5 seconds and NBC is providing Gilmore,  and several other candidates who requested, 12 minutes of 30 seconds of air time on stations in the three early
caucus and primary states.
Gilmore said his campaign will air a .30 second ad called "Trust" 25 times on 18 stations in the three states over the next several days.

The Gilmore commercial opens with photos of ISIS terrorists on the march and warns that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are failing to protect America.