Kasich for America

"Defending Our Way of Life" +

:30 ad run on NBC in IA, NH and SC from Nov. 27, 2015.


Gov. John KasichWe all know now that the attacks we have seen in our country and across the ocean, are attacks on our way of life.  They are not to be tolerated.  There's no room for negotiation.  There's no room for delay. I've been arguing that America needs to assemble a coalition of our friends in Europe and our friends in the Middle East to destroy ISIS.  We destroy them in the name of humanity.  And if we come together we will absolutely secure a better future for our country.  I'm John Kasich and I approve this message.

Notes The campaign's first ad focuses on the need to destroy ISIS.  Compare Gilmore, Huckabee.  The ad is a result of an agreement between several of the Republican campaigns and NBC after the campaigns requested equal time following Donald Trump's Nov. 8, 2015 appearance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live."  (PDFs):  Gilmore  |  Graham  |  Huckabee  |  Kasich  |  Pataki.