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In America anyone can grow up to run for president.  Multiple times if he or she so chooses.  By March 18, 2015, 192 people had filed with the FEC as candidates for president in 2016.  These included 55 Republicans, 29 Democrats, 4 Libertarians, 50 Independents and assorted others.  Most of these are very obscure, fringe candidates. Some have put up web sites, and others are making more determined efforts, including traveling to key states to advance their ideas and candidacies.  Some have already ended their campaigns.  These candidates cover the gamut; some identify with the major parties, some are running as independents, and a few represent extreme points of view. 

FEC 2016 Presidential Form 2 Filers
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A Few Examples (April 7, 2015 grabs)

Robbie Wells (D) -

Mark Everson (R) -

Chris Hill (R) -